How to Get Best Bridal Spray Tans Tips

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How to Get Best Bridal Spray Tans Tips
Here about Spray Tanning: - First things first, DO NOT get you’re ‘Bridal Spray Tans On’ the
day/night before you get married! So much can go wrong here! Your tan will always be at its darkest
on the day after your spray tan and wearing white will only intensify the colour. If you wait for the
second or third day the colour will be a subtle bronze next to your white dress.
Here is Tips for Having a Successful Spray Tan:-
You must thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your skin the day PRIOR to your spray tan,
to remove all of your dead skin.
Shave or wax at least 24 hrs prior to your spray tan application.
Do not moisturise on the day of the treatment unless your skin is very dry. Daily
moisturising is recommended after the bronzer is removed when you shower, this will
extend your spray tan by 2-3 days.
Remove all traces of makeup, deodorant and perfume as they can create a barrier.
After your tan application wear loose dark clothing immediately after your spray tan. This
avoids the bronzer rubbing off onto lighter garments. The bronzer is water-soluble and will
wash away.
DO NOT wear tight items of footwear or clothing that can cause friction and rub marks, for
example socks, trainers, boots and belts.
DO NOT wash your hands for the first 2-3 hours to avoid watermarks. Leave your tan
application on the skin for a minimum of 6-8 hrs. For optimum results, leave on the skin
Shower as usual the following morning. Your spray tan contains a cosmetic bronzer and
this will wash off during showering. Do not worry, this is usual and does not affect the end
result of your spray tan.
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