How to get rid of acne

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Procedure Of How To Get Rid Of

The skin condition known as acne is a common disease
and therefore it is important to take preventive
measures and most importantly, know how to get rid of
acne. It forms red and scaly marks on the skin with
whiteheads and blackheads, plaques, pimples and can
also cause a scarring effect. It causes varied
effects on the patients. It can lead to seclusion,
which is traumatic.

This disease can exist in both inflammatory and non-
inflammatory forms. The disease commonly affects
parts of the body with a high density of sebaceous
follicles, such as in areas around the face, back,
and chest, as well as areas around the neck. Early
signs must be checked in time to prevent adverse

When plugs of keratin and sebum are formed under the
skin, this condition is the result. Menstrual cycles
and puberty may also be contributing factors. The
disease can be found in a family and therefore one
may inherit it. A diet based on glycemic substances
worsens this condition, as well as psychological
conditions including stress do.

The group that is most vulnerable is the youth, more
so the adolescents. At times it can disappear around
twenties or it can advance into adulthood if not
promptly dealt with. The time the disease lasts in a
person is unpredictable as it may last a short while
or be prolonged in some.

If the disease is not dealt with in time, it may
cause boils which may appear on the groin, buttocks,
armpit, sweat glands, hair follicles, or in
perspiration ducts. The patients suffer
psychologically, exhibiting symptoms such as reduced
self-esteem and in extreme cases, though very rare,
the victim may suffer from depression or commit

There is a variety of drugs available from
pharmacists such as alpha hydroxide acid, benzoyl
peroxide, hormonal treatments, antibiotics,
retinoids, salicylic acid, azelaic acid,
nicotinamide, keratolytic soaps, salicylic acid,
anti-androgen, and anti-seborrheic medications. One
must choose a drug based on price and the curative
ability. This disease should not be misconceived as a
disorder or rather it should be dealt with as a
malfunction of hormones and other factors.

Other than drugs, physical exercises improve the rate
of blood flow through the skin hence supplying oxygen
and nutrients. Medical procedures whereby scars and
dark spots are scraped off can be done. Exposure to
blue and red lights or laser surgery can eliminate
follicle sacs and sebaceous glands. Everyone has a
responsibility to know the preventive measures and
how to get rid of acne to stay away from this