HOW TO Get the Best Price on a Home

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the Best Price
on a Home

A good deal is one that works for both
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parties, and usually represents a fair price Do not Give too Much Away.....…2
too. It is a mistake to assume that a seller Don’t Trust Strangers.............2
must negotiate a best price on a home with a Leave Your Ego Behind at Home. . . .2
Know Facts, not Fancy. . . . . . .…. . . .3
single buyer. The more attractive a house and
its price are, the more potential buyers there
will be.

2 Do not Give too Much Away
Remain as enigmatic as you can and never play your
cards facing up. Do not give too much away either.
Appoint one spokesperson for the whole family and never
disagree in public. A desperate seller can be like a wild
dog going for the throat. Be careful.
Don’t Trust Strangers

Remember that strangers must earn your trust and be suspicious of a seller apparently
offering favors. When that happens to you, try to remember that if it sounds too good to
be true, it likely is.
Leave Your Ego Behind at Home

It is never a good idea to deal high handedly because pride
often comes before a fall. Rather leave your ego at the door
and negotiate with a clear mind. That way, you will earn
respect and be able to negotiate better.

Know Facts, not Fancy

The best way to negotiate is to be able to defend your
offer. When you know facts like the condition of the
property and current market trends, you are in the best
position to cut a deal that works for you.
There is an art to negotiating any deal to a successful
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conclusion. When you follow this advice provided by, you will know how to negotiate the
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