How to Improve Your English Grammar

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How to Improve Your English Grammar

Speak in English
* English is the most spoken
language in the world and its
importance is increasing day
by day.
* Find a friend who can speak
to you in English and start
practice with him/her.

Make a Proper Plan
* You need to make a proper plan for improving your
English Grammar
* Note all the grammar points where you need to work on

Find a Tutor
There are many people who disagree with the idea of
going to a teacher for grammar lessons but, why not? If
English grammar tuition helps you, you must go take it

Online Exercises
You can also improve your grammar by doing online
exercises. There are a number of sites which offer exercises
on a range of topics. While using a computer to type a
document, grammar checkers can be very helpful too

Find Common Mistakes
* People who make mistakes
in speaking, generally, do
the same in writing as well
* Find out the areas where
you make frequent mistakes
and correct them

Grammar Exercises
If you want to learn proper English grammar, you need to
practice each grammar point until you can use it easily

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improving your English
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