How to INcrease Alexa Rank of your Blog QUickly

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10 Killer Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of your
Blog Quickly

Hello my Dear Readers. Today i am back with a Killer Post on How to Increase Alexa
Rank of your Blog or Site Quickly and Easily. If you are a Blogger or Webmaster, then
you must be knowing about Alexa for sure. Hmmm for those who do not know what it
is, just follow me.

What is Alexa?
Alexa is a Website Analysis Company backed up by Amazon. It
ranks a site depending upon the number of views on an average. Well, its not
complete. It takes the views into account from only those browsers which contain
Alexa Toolbar Installed or those sites which have a Alexa Widget installed on them. I
feel this is an unfair system of analyzing websites but we just have to accept it as it is
very much Important. So you might ask "Why Alexa is so much Important?".

Why Alexa Rank is Important?
If you own a Blog, then you might already know why is it so important. Most of the
Advertisers prefer advertising on a blog by looking at the Alexa Ranking. So it is
equally important for us to Increase Alexa Ranking. I am gonna list out some
important points that helped me in Increasing my Alexa Rank within a Short Span of
Time. You can check my Alexa Rank here. I was able to acheive less than 100K rank
in less than 3 months. So lets get Started

10 Killer Tips to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly
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1. Claim Site
This is the first step you gonna do to Increase Alexa Rank of your Site. This will help
you gaining full control over your site on Alexa where you can add description and
other Info about your site so that it looks more appealing for the users.

2. Alexa Tool Bar
As i already said, visits from the browsers which have Alexa Toolbar Installed will only
be taken into account for calculating your Alexa Rank. So try to install Alexa Tool Bar
on your Browser as well as suggest your friends,readers,relatives and others to Install
ALexa Toolbar on their Browser.

Click Here to Download Alexa Toolbar

3. Alexa Widget
You might have got an idea why to install Alexa Widget . As i already mentioned,
Views on a blog with Alexa Widget will get counted in Alexa Rank. So install a Alexa
Widget on your sidebar or anywhere you like. It also helps your visitors know your
alexa rank just by a glance.
4. Be Unique
Never post copied contents on your Blog. It may help you in short run, but in long run
your site gonna get affected and you many lose your traffic which in turn doesn't help
you in Increasing your Alexa Rank.

5. Update Frequently
This one was one of my experiments that proved to Increase your Alexa Rank
significantly for sure. If you update frequently, you will get more visibility in search
engines that inturn will increase your index rate. Like Google, Alexa also loves fresh
Content. So maintain your frequency and update your blog frequently. And yeah,
don't forget to Post Quality Content that will help your reduce your Bounce Rate. This
will help your Boost your Alexa Rank.

6. Backlinks
Try to get some Quality Backlinks either by Commenting or Posting on other sites. This
will help you increase your Authorship and build your brand among the readers of
other Blogs which in turn will fetch you good amount of traffic.
More Traffic == Alexa Rank Increasing
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Does Blog Commenting Help SEO?

7. Reviews
Write a review about Alexa and link back to
Also, ask your visitors and friends to review about your site on Alexa which will help
your Improve your Alexa Rank.
Why not Write a Review about My blog ?

8. Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is considered to be one of the best methods to drive traffic
andIncrease Alexa Ranking. Check the PR and Alexa Rank of the site you want to
Guest Post before approaching.

9. Techy Traffic
Try to get visits from other bloggers, webmasters or Techy People as there is a high
probability of having a Alexa Toolbar Installed on their Browsers which will Boost your
Alexa Rank .
10. Social Media Promotion
This plays a very important role in Increasing your Alexa Rank. Try to promote your
Articles on Facebook, Google+,Twitter, Delicious,Linkedin,Digg,Reddit or other Social
Networking or Bookmarking Sites as they have a potential of sending you Massive
Traffic which will help your Improve your Alexa Rank

Over to You
Now that i have covered most Important Tips to Boost your Alexa Rank. Though there
are many other Blackhat Methods that will you Increase Alexa Rank Quicklylike
installing a refresh plugin on the browser and setting to refresh after a period of time,
I would not recommend them as you may have issues with Adsense and other
Advertising Platforms. But if you are more interested to Increase Alexa Rank of your
Blog Quickly using Blackhat methods, you can go for many services which you can get
by googling
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Hope this little article helps your in increasing your Alexa Ranking. Be sure to share
the results with us. If you want to mention any other tips to Increase Alexa Rank other
than those i mentioned, we would be glad to hear them in Comments
Thank you, Have a Great Day!