How to Increase Chances of Successful IVF

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Are you considering financing your infertility treatments by using an IVF refund or rebate program?
These programs offer to refund a portion of your IVF treatment costs if you fail to conceive or
deliver a baby. Rebate programs appeal to the smart consumer in us. After all, who wants to fork
over huge sums of money, only to be left empty handed?

Look at little more closely before making up your mind. An alternative strategy emerges you
consider: the fertility clinic will pre-qualify you medically, if approved they believe you will probably
conceive, if you conceive your costs are just beginning, and supplemental IVF insurance pays off
when you deliver.

You Must Pre-qualify Medically

Most rebate programs for in vitro fertilization procedures begin with a thorough medical evaluation
of both prospective parents. If you qualify medically, your fertility clinic will offer you an opportunity
to participate. The couple bears an additional cost in exchange for a partial refund if the IVF
procedure does not result in conception or delivery.

Think about what the clinic is doing before moving ahead. Fertility clinics are experts when it
comes to predicting which couples have the greatest chance of conceiving via IVF. If they think
your odds are good, they offer you the rebate. If they think the odds are bad, they decline the
rebate offer.

IVF Success Costs More

Now consider that conceiving and having a baby costs much more than a failed IVF cycle. With a
failed IVF cycle, there are your infertility treatment costs. Yes, it seems like a waste of resources to
pay thousands of hard earned dollars on a course of treatment that may not work, but think ahead
just a little bit further.

When you conceive, your costs are just beginning. First, there is no rebate of your infertility
treatment costs when you deliver. In addition to your infertility treatment costs there will be extra
medical costs associated with pregnancy, lost income during maternity leave, along with the costs
of feeding, clothing, and raising your child. And that is when things go well with your pregnancy.
Many couples undergoing infertility treatments move on to have high risk pregnancies. Many
women are nearing the end of child bearing age, or experience a multiple pregnancy. Mom can
miss months of work, spend significant time in the hospital, and if your child is born too early there
may by left over medical costs

Bet With Your Fertility Clinic

Why bet against your fertility clinic when they have greater experience and better data? Why
compound this error by hedging against your smallest cost exposure - a failed IVF cycle?

If your fertility clinic approves you medically, believes you probably will conceive, and offers you a
rebate, then bet with them not against them. Supplemental IVF Insurance allows you to bet with
your fertility clinic, and covers your greatest exposure: you get pregnant and have a baby.

Supplemental IVF Insurance pays cash benefits directly to you when you delivery a healthy baby,
plus it may pay additional benefits should you experience pregnancy complications, delivery
complications, or premature birth.

Find out how to bet with your fertility clinic with supplemental IVF insurance coverage and other
options that create a financially safe pregnancy.

Kevin Haney is a licensed health insurance agent helping growing families generate maternity
leave income, and protection just in case by using supplemental family health insurance benefits.

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