How to Maintain Healthy Skin All Winter Long

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how to maintain healthy skin

Your skin will require a different care routine as one season blends into another season. Don't
expect to get the same healthy, clean skin in the winter that you got in the summer if you are still
using your summertime skin care regimen. Nothing you do with your skin during spring, summer,
and fall can prepare you for the totally different weather that occurs during the wintertime. Luckily,
a winter-based skin-care system isn't all that difficult to figure out and implement. Our focus in this
report is to present to you with a selection of effective ways to take care of your skin during the

Invest in a good humidifier. The cold weather of winter is more drying than the humid, moist
conditions you find in the summertime. To make matters worse, we don't scrimp on using our
heating systems - central or space - when cold weather strikes. It's pleasant to have the warm air
from your heater throughout your home, but it will cause you many problems due to its drying
effect on your skin. When you use a humidifier you reintroduce moisture into the air which can
help even things out while allowing you to stay warm. You might want to even consider have
smaller humidifiers in several different rooms of your home. You will then benefit by the warmth of
your heating system without sacrificing the moisture of your skin.

Another area of concern during cold weather are your lips. When your lips get damaged by the
cold weather, they may become chapped and then peel. This can be very painful. It's not hard to
keep your lips protected; you just have to make the effort. Find a good chap stick or lip balm that
you like. There are some nice beeswax lip balms on the market that do a great job. Don't fall into
the habit of "moisturizing" your lips by licking them. It doesn't work. Don't limit your scarf to just
protecting and covering your neck. Wrap it around your lips as well. A nice scarf can offer
protection to your nose, also, not just your lips and neck.

Shed those wet clothes as soon as you can! Your gloves and your socks, especially, can cause
your skin to become irritated if you wear them after they are wet. The moisture rubbing against
your skin can cause you to develop sores, a rash, itching and a host of other unpleasant
conditions. When we have to function in weather that includes a lot of rainfall or snowfall, the
problem of wet clothing comes up often. So, as we said before, change into warm, dry clothes as
soon as possible. If you have a locker at work, or bottom drawer at your desk, you might want to
consider stashing a change of clothes there. Just think "warm and dry" because that's the goal
you want to achieve at all times.

There are so many things that we take for granted during the hotter months of summer: oil
production, moisture, etc. However, these aren't the problems you confront during winter weather.
So, it's easy to see why your summer skin care products won't do your skin justice if you use
them in the winter. Whether it's winter or summer, if you have a skin condition that may not be
related to the weather, make an appointment with a dermatologist and get the problem resolved.

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