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How to Make a Conference Call
When you want to host a conference call for your business or
personal use, it's important to know how to make a
conference call. So here is an easy step by step guide to help
you find out how.
Step 1: Choose Your Type of Conference Call
You can choose between hosting your call using the modern
method of online or using the traditional way which is using
regular phone lines.
Traditional Phone Conference Calls
In the older days, conference calls were hosted using normal
land line telephones. Even though there are more advanced,
easier technologies today, you can still use the traditional
method to host your calls.
You simply get a special conference number from the service
provider you are using. Then you will first call the number
yourself and start the conference.
After you have started the call as the host, then everyone
else can call now and join the conference.
You have more limited power to control the call when
using a traditional telephone conference service. That's
why more people prefer the web conference services
much better.
All Conference Call Services More and more companies
and businesses are switching to online conference call
hosting. Because it is faster, easier, and you can manage
all areas of your call - from who can access and who will
be blocked.
In the online solution, you simply login to your online
account and start the conference. Then people can join
either by logging in to the room (like a chat room) or by
calling a phone number that is connected to your online
conference center.