how to be nice to your girlfrien and make her happier

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How To Be Nice To Your
Girlfriend And Make Her Happier
If you are wondering how to be nice to your girlfriend you have probably
picked up some signs that it is not al rosy in your relationship. You must act
fast as she may get fed up and decide to become your ex.

Ideally you should read a few books on relationships in order to get the full
picture but I wil try to give you a snapshot now. You need to treat the
woman in your life with respect. If you are living together, then do not
expect her to do everything around the house. Sure, she may be a better
cook than you are but that doesn't mean that you can't do dinner some
evenings. Or you could let her cook but be the one to set the table and tidy
away afterwards.
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Some men appear to have a gift for instinctively knowing how to treat a
woman, for the rest of us it can be a little more complicated. At least it was
until I read up on some techniques. My girlfriend was amazed. In fact it
almost backfired as she thought another woman was teaching me how to

behave! Not the result I was hoping for but thank goodness once I showed
her my latest reading material she believed me. In fact she was very
impressed I cared enough to be trying to learn new skil s. Seemingly I hadn't
been showing I was interested in our relationship prior to this. I thought I
was doing everything right, I took her out to dinner, brought her flowers and
some jewelry but according to her I had forgotten how to listen. And that is
more important than my over the top gestures!
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