How to make men’s cologne last longer

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How to make men's cologne last longer
Men generally are very conscious about smelling good, be it for business meetings or personal ones.Any
scent he wears will become his signature in a matter of just a few days if he is very fond of it.If you are
that man, this will increase one expense in your budget from time to time and that is to buy the same
perfume again and again.
To save yourself some money and from recharging the bottle too soon every time, some simple tips can
help! If you follow these steps, your cologne will last much longer than expected and you can spread
your signature scent around some more.
Hot areas of the body keep the scent longer
Warm skin is known to lock the scent in and keep it all through the day. So whether it is your
sweat, men's cologne or any other smell, it is bound to remain for long in areas like your neck,
cleavage, pulse of the hand, neck, behind the ear and the upper fold of your elbow. Keep in
mind these areas the next time you wear your perfume. Moreover, remember to not shower
the precious thing on your clothes. The fragrance wears away faster than the myth that it

remains longer on your cloth. Bonus place is your hair! If you just washed your hair, then you
need to apply the scent to it. It stays for a good one week right there in your hair.
Spraying closely doesn't mean it will last longer
You just bought one of those awesome online perfumes and you can't wait to spray it all over
you and boast it around but remember one thing, you don't have to put the nozzle too close in
order to increase the effect of it. The nozzle needs to be at least five to six inches away from
your body to spray evenly and give out the best results. Spraying it too close will only distort the
scent that it really is and it will remain too concentrated in just one place. You wouldn't want
just your wrist or your neck smelling good and the rest of your body smelling like you ran a 10
mile long marathon this morning. So take this tip seriously if you really want it to last longer.
Moisturize your skin before applying your perfume
This is a very important point to be noted. Moisturized skin locks in the scent for longer than dry
skin would. Your skin needs to be soft and supple with ample moisture to help you remain
fragrant throughout the day. Let the moisturizer soak in your favorite perfume. If possible, get a
moisturizer that is not scented, in order to avoid clashes between the two fragrances.
Store that bottle rightly
Excessive heat and humidity can totally kill the perfume in that bottle. Storing it in a cool place is
what you are supposed to do and it should be far away from direct sunlight. Another thing to
keep in mind is to never store them or keep them in your bathroom! This is because the
humidity and heat from showers and baths can damage your fragrance beyond repair. Besides,
humidity also causes you to sweat more and this is another disadvantage of such a weather.
Sweat will only kill your fragrance further.
Layer the fragrances
If possible, buy all products from the same brand or from the same scent family. Use the shower
gel, moisturizer and other body products of the same brand and use them before you apply your
fragrance. Layering fragrances is highly recommended for those of you who really want your
scent to last longer. If getting the same brand is not possible then make sure that your after
shave and other products are unscented. If they are scented then their fragrance is likely to
clash with your favorite perfume and it will neither please yours not anybody else's olfactory
These few tips can help you a great deal if you want your fragrance to not betray you midway. Whatever
be your perfume brand or type, these tips work well for all and will only end up making you happy about
the way you smell all day long!

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