How to Make Your Own Interactive Mobile Website

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How to make an
Interactive Mobile
Website If you can't program

75% of customers polled in a 2012 Google study said they "prefer a mobile friendly

70% of mobile searches act within an hour, whereas only 30% of PC searchers do
(Mobile Marketer 2012).

By 2017, total no of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets will be larger than
world's population
(according to predictions from analysts CSS Insight).

Whether you are a small business owner, part of a local sports team or community
group, a musician, artist or real-estate agent; having a mobile website can be one
of the best ways to interact with people you're involved with.

This helps you to create and maintain your relationships, keeping them up to date
with your latest information.

Yesterday & Today
* Over-priced
* Minimal budget
* Requires
* Drag & Drop
technical skills

Clear picture of your App
* Decide on what type of app / mobile website
will you be making.
* What is it for?
* Who is your target audience?
* How will they use it?
* Have a focused but flexible plan

Research: What are the mobile app
builders out there
* There are tons of software on the internet that
you can use to create your own mobile website.

* Among those choices, we recommend these
three free-to-use programs that can help you
create apps and/or your mobile website.
- AppGeyser
- DudaMobile
- AppMakr

User-friendly platform that enables users to convert their
existing website content into a mobile friendly site.
Only requires 3 simple steps
Step 1:
o Enter web address
o Include HTML code
o Upload document and link YouTube videos

Step 2
o Displays your website content you have submitted

Step 3:
o Publish your app to Google Play

Free to use AppGeysers tool
But require payment of $25 to publish as a Google Android
Great if you're targeting Android market.
Expect your huge competition in the Google Play market
Require you to work extra hard to build your brand outside
Google Play market to increase downloads.

Enables you to create your own mobile website without any coding on cross platforms (Android, iPhone,
Windows and Blackberry).
3 simple steps to get your mobile website in less than 10 minutes.
Step 1:
o Enter your website URL on the main page of Dudamobile site
Step 2:
o Decide on design & Edit pages
o Options to pick from gallery of icons, colours and buttons
Step 3:
o Publish
o Setup your mobile website redirect (requires setting up a mobile sub-domain name - and fiddling around with DNS settings.
Advantages: You can preview your site in different platforms on their site
Disadvantages: Sync is only one-way
3 pricing plans :
o FREE - supports up to 10 pages, allows only 500 monthly page views, features ads, comes with
Dudamobile/yoursite domain name, limited functions (eg. Click-to-Call, Mobile map, Yelp Reviews,
o $9/month, $86.40/year (20% discount is given if you pay upfront for a year).
o The paid plans doesn't limit visits to your mobile site, is completely ad-free and you are can have a
proper domain name, eg,

A web-based tool most suitable for those who are not
keen in learning Java or get involve in any coding work.

Simple drag-and-drop interface, and the elements
dragged here are the actual icons used in your app /
site, rather than symbolic blocks.

AppMakr automatically creates cross-platform mobile apps that run natively on Android,
iPhones as well as simultaneously creating a mobile web site that will run in the browser of
any HTML5 enabled smartphone.

Apps built are automatically uploaded for free to AppMakr's own app market and the web,
and can also be published to commercial markets including iTunes and Google Play for a
small fee.

This app is what we'll use for the rest of the article, since it seems to be the best choice
among the three.

Get Started with AppMakr
1. Go to
Enter app's name
Get Started
Sign in using Gmail, Google account, Facebook,
Twitter account, or your Yahoo ID

Using the Machine (Step 1)
2. Fill in the details on the first page.
Step One (Basic Info)

* Contact Information
* Name of the App
* Overall Colors & Design (Colors of
background, title and text)
* Background Image of the app
Note: You can upload your own design
* Splash-screen image (this image
or image; or select from The Machine's
will appear when the app is
library of free images.

* App Demographics (Region,
Do note that the image uploaded
Country or State that your app
should have recommended dimensions
of 768 pixels wide X 1024 pixels high.