How to Make Your Own Style by Customizing Your Lanyard

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How to Make
Your Own Style
by Customizing
Your Lanyard

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How to Make Your Own Style
by Customizing Your Lanyard

A Mother's Promise from Their
Home to Yours

I f you are in the market for a
lanyard, you don’t have to look very far.
They are in fact becoming quite common
place these days since they are such a
useful and practical tool. But maybe
you’re one of the ones who doesn’t want
to be just part of the crowd.
Perhaps you want the convenience of
fashion lanyards, but want to add your
own little personal twist. Well thank-
fully, now you can enjoy the handiness
of a lanyard while also keeping your
very own sense of style.

ID badge holders have typically been
quite boring in the past. White or grey
coloring that is affixed to the front of a
shirt. But times are changing and now
you can be at the forefront of an office
make-over. Even if you aren’t overly
artistic, it isn’t hard to pick up a few
simple materials to customise your
fashion lanyards. Any type of dollar
store will have tons of trinkets and pins
that you can affix to your lanyard to
give it that personal edge. Some people
choose to have their names as a part of
their lanyard. This can be done in a mat-
ter of minutes with supplies you can find
at any arts and crafts store. Another

possible idea is having small buttons of
bands that you like, or even dogs or cats.
Whatever you feel is the strongest and
personality can be easily emblazoned on
your lanyard.
Of course ID badge holders have
one main purpose but that doesn’t mean
it has to end there. Depending on the
nature of your ID badge, you might even
be able to dress it up a little bit as well.
However, it is important to keep
professionalism in mind when decorating
your badge. But if you are working for a
volunteer organization or working with
children, it could be a good idea to spice

it up with some extra colors. This can be
accomplished with stickers or even with
a color marker.
But these steps might not even be
necessary in the first place if you choose
the right fashion lanyards to begin with.
There are literally hundreds of different
styles to choose from, so you are sure to
find one that fits your personality to a
tee. But there is no reason that you can’t
make it even better on your own. What
some people choose to do is use the
regular lanyard for a few weeks and once
they begin to tire of seeing it every day,
they start adding their own creative flare.

Lanyards are becoming more and more
popular every day and it is no wonder
They are just so incredibly practical
and have so many uses. But unless you
want to look like everyone else, you
should ensure that you put some thought
into your fashion lanyards. And if you
want to make absolutely sure that you
aren’t emulating anyone else, add your
own creativity to the mix.

A Mother's Promise from
Their Home to Yours

L anyards have become
increasingly popular in recent years.
People use them for a variety of reasons
ranging from hanging identification
badges to keeping keys on them. But
there is another story behind some of
these lanyards that you may not be aware
The online company BooJeeBeads has
spearheaded successful program that in-
troduces Free Trade lanyards to their
customers. The program is called 'A
Mother's Promise' and it works on a

simple principle. Talented mothers in
Guatemala use their skills to create
beaded and weaved lanyards for They receive a fair
wage for their work, which allows them
to provide food, clothing and shelter for
their children.
Some of the living conditions in
Guatemala are far removed from how we
live here in the Western world. It is not
uncommon for families to barely be able
to put enough food on the table to feed
their large families. And often times,
medical needs are pushed to the side
because the money simply isn't there. It
is difficult for mother's to secure