How to manipulate people

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How to manipulate people:
Emotional Manipulation

This technique is definitely the most popular one and is pretty easy to do. It basically plays
on eliminating logic from the conversation. Logic allows the person to think and the last
thing you want the person to do is think as it can block/prevent basic manipulation.
What you want to do is steer the conversation to a place where he/she is in an emotional
, this works better when you know the person a little bit and can bring up some
emotional triggers like memories...
This technique works better on men because when men get emotional, the logical part of the
brain shuts off... Women on the other hand can actual y stil think a little bit in their emotional
state as the two hemispheres of their brain are better connected. We call this Emotional
, it is not as fool proof as pure logic but still powerful enough to see through a weak
So, when you created the heightened emotional state the only step left is to implement your
own "poisoned" logic
. With poisoned I mean arguments that seem logical but are not...
this way the person will think you're being reasonable while in fact you're manipulating
them... When you're dealing with a guy it's surprising how faulty your "logic" can be before
he actually catches on!
To be able to actual y pul this off you'l need to be in full control of your own emotions,
you need to be able to shed a tiny tear on command or start a raging rant without actually
losing yourself in it! This is very important, your confidence has to be in an all-time high to be
able to master your emotions. If you do have self-esteem problems and are willing to work
on it I recommend reading these tips!

How to manipulate people: The
importance of being likeable

A lot of people think that emotional manipulation is all about constantly invoking strong
emotional states to remove logic
from the situation... This is only partly true, you have to
choose the right moment to invoke that strong emotional surge! If you constantly switch
between emotional states it will only confuse your target and actually prevent you from
implementing your ideas.
This is where emotional control comes in, most of the time you have to keep your emotions
in check, don't react, stay cool and friendly (i call this being the grounded friend). This is
harder than you might think as your mind has the constant urge to react to every impulse
that enters the brain! The goal is to stay friendly always and forever right up to the point
where the manipulation starts, being likeable creates trust and prevents doubt!
But the real power in being the grounded friend all the time lies in how others will see you,
they will see a very confident and down-to-earth person who is in total control of his
This means that you'l almost always have the upper hand in conversations as your
confidence outshines theirs... this wil work on 60% of all people! It is however very
important that you don't get cocky as this wil break the il usion!
You might ask what to do with the other 40%? well, 10% of them are the alpha types, high in
confidence but most of them are pretty low in intelligence... which means they are easy to
manipulate with logic! The other 30% are the tricky ones, this is where the real power of
being always cool/friendly comes in... When you seem grounded all the time then the
moments where you actually show strong emotions have an enormous impact! The impact is
so big that even the tricky 30% will be fooled into thinking you're for real, this is why you do
it, this is why you keep your emotions in check... because when you actually show
emotions, people will notice and believe almost anything you say at this point...

For more information on how to manipulate people you can visit our site at
And if you're real y serious about learning how to manipulate people, try looking at hypnosis,
and definitely the underground hypnosis techniques!