How To Mask A Bad Breath

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How To Mask A Bad Breath
The last thing anyone wants to do is begin thinking about the air he exhales. That is why masking bad
breath (or, as dentists call it, halitosis) is key.
People need not simply avoid foods like onions and garlic, however. Those two foods, while delicious,
release smelly oils in the bloodstream that a person exhales. The good news is that other foods can
mask the smells, along with a healthy oral hygiene routine.
Brushing and flossing twice a day for three minutes is the routine that Dr. Afshin recommends to his
Las Vegas patients, however a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and proper hydration will help the
mouth clean itself throughout the day.
Hydrating throughout the day is a key to properly rinsing a mouth and producing saliva, which naturally
cleans. Water is the best liquid, but green tea contains catechin, an antioxidant, that kills the bacteria
causing unwanted odors.
Foods that help clean the mouth and mask odors are also good choices to snack on throughout the day.
Parsley - This herb contains oils that treat
bad breath. Other herbs that mask odors
are spearmint, cinnamon, cilantro, and
Yogurt - The good bacteria in yogurt,
known as probiotics, can help ameliorate
the effect of bacteria that cause odors.
Fruits - Snacking on apples, pears, oranges,
and other fruits causes the mouth to produce saliva. In addition to saliva, many fruits contain vitamin
C, which helps fight gum disease and gingivitis.
Vegetables - Vegetables like celery, carrots, and cucumbers encourage saliva production, which
rinses bacteria away.
Nuts - Like with fruits and vegetables, the fiber contained in nuts acts like a tiny toothbrush, cleaning
teeth and keeping odor-causing bacteria at bay.
Along with these natural options, gum and breath mints will encourage saliva production and rinse away
plaque and bacteria.
What people often forget is that the mouth has natural defenses against the odors we all fear. Keeping a
regular routine of brushing and a proper diet allow the mouth's natural defenses to work their best.
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