How To Naturally Increase Se xual Desire In Women?

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How To Naturally Increase Sexual Desire In Women?

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
Desire for lovemaking is equally intense in men and
women, but women are more prone to low libido than
Once aroused women's desire for love making is highly
intense; even more than that of men.
Women are more susceptible to low sex desire due to
various reasons including ill health, stress, poor
lifestyle, and lack of nutrition.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
The upbringing of children is the primary responsibility
of women, and their preoccupation in the act is a major
cause of their low sexual desire.
The intensity of lovemaking desire provides the sexual
pleasure to both sexes engaged in the act.
Hence, it is essential that a woman has intense love
making desire.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
Low desire for love making in a woman lasts only a few
hours to a few days, and if it persists longer; it is a
cause for concern warranting treatment.
The duration of low libido varies according to the
underlying causes that are different in each case.
Non-initiation of lovemaking act by women for days
together or months together is disquieting.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
One can go for numerous medicines having chemicals
as their constituents available in the market.
They provide not only temporary results but also side
effects that are highly harmful for general health of the
woman concerned.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
Hence, a woman suffering from low libido should go for
herbal treatment, and Kamni capsule is one such
herbal product which can enhance sexual desire in
It contains Nagbhasm, Ras Sindur, Abhrakh Bhasm,
Lauhbhasm, and Bangbhasm that are used in
conjunction Vijaysar, Dhature, Semalmusli, Nagerbel,
and Mulethi.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
These natural herbs contain immense medicinal power,
and effectively enhance female libido.
They enhance body immunity, circulation of blood,
bodily strength; strengthen body muscles including
muscles of the pelvic region.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
Hence, Kamni capsule effectively regulate and
balance hormonal changes occurring in women due to
advancement in age, and enhances the level of energy
the body.
All these help women to perform better, longer, and
It intensifies the desire for love making in women who
become capable of satisfying her male partner.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
The natural herbs of Kamni capsule reduce tension
and stress that also helps enhance female libido.
The Kamni capsule being an herbal product is safe for
long term use.
It does not provide any side effects.

Increase Sexual Desire In Women
Hence, two Kamni capsules should be used twice
daily for three to four months to have intense love
making desire in women for the whole of life.