How to Optimize Your YouTube Video

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How to Optimize Your YouTube Video
By: Dale Lorence

Having the best video online is of no use if no one ever
sees it. Optimization for your video will ensure that its
visibility is at its maximum within the major search
engines, which hold the key to the visibility of your
YouTube marketing videos online.

Below are a few ways in which you can get more
YouTube views by optimizing your YouTube video.

One - Make sure that you provide YouTube with a
closed-captioned script for your video.

The closed-captioned script contains the text that the
Google algorithms used to index the video. If you do not turn in your own scripts for your YouTube
marketing videos, YouTube will attempt to translate the sound in the video itself.

As anyone who has tried the closed captioning beta in YouTube can tell you, the translator is awful.
However, these misquoted words will be the words by which your video is indexed if you do not take
the time to give YouTube your own script.

Two - Make sure that the title of your video and the keywords that you use are related.

The title, the description and the keywords that you place beside your video are not time to become
humorous. These help the Google and YouTube algorithms to index your video so that it can be properly
found by people who are interested in your topic. Be sure to include longtail keywords such as those you
might find typed directly into a Google search query box. The shorter keywords are most likely already
taken by corporate interests who have bought out the generic keywords for their own use.

Three - In order to get more YouTube views, make sure that you give your video a boost as soon as you
upload it.

From the second that you first upload your YouTube marketing video, you should be sending out the
word to everyone in your e-mail list, on your Twitter and in your other social media hubs. However
unfair it may be, YouTube does judge the relevance of a video by the amount of hits that gets within the
first 48 hours. Make sure that you send as many hits as you possibly can to that video within the first

two days in order to get your search engine ranking up.

Four - One of the most effective YouTube marketing strategies is to put quotes around the keywords
that you feel are especially relevant.

One trick that many people do not adhere to is simply putting quotes around long keywords that should
be taken as a phrase rather than individual words. This is a very effective strategy for getting a video
listed under a particular keyword phrase that will appeal to a certain niche rather than to a more general
audience. It is much more likely that a video will be listed in the top few videos for a keyword phrase
that it will a single keyword, and small businesses that have not yet had a chance to establish
themselves online will find that this is a really good strategy for "skipping in line."