How to promote your music in other cities and get results

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How to promote your music in other cities and get results
Since the drastic change the music industry the forms of artist and band promoting has changed
as well, nowadays there are tons of different ways to promote your music online, but the
whole goal is to find a way to promote yourself in a way that makes you standout and using a
method your competition isn’t aware of.
One such way is the creation and utilization of street teams. Out of all forms of marketing and
music advertising, one of the most potent ways for you to make people listen to your music is
by positive feedback that your fans give out, but there lies the problem, while your fans like
your music they won’t make it their job to spread the word. This is where the creation of a
street team is needed!
What Does A Street Team Do?
In short, they spread the word. Needless to say that this is no easy task, while the fact remains
that “mouth-to-mouth” advertising is the option for any band or musician it is quite hard to pull
off. This is where the street teams come in to play to helps build a buzz around your brand and
music on your behalf.
A street team is a small group of people that are under your direct command and are suited for
the job of promoting your band, your music and you on the street. One of the most common
tasks that any street team is given is to hand out flyers to a targeted audience (Egg. Age) that
promote your band in any way you see fit. So it can be your upcoming show, a new single
dropping the release of your new mixtape or just a coming soon flyer with just your mixtape
cover graphics and your website link. The point behind it all is fairly simple to get the people
talking about your band and to spread the positive impressions they had with your music.
Handing out flyers is only one idea, there are countless ways for you to utilize your street team
which are for you to discover.
Assembling Your First Street Team!
In spite of what you might think, hiring a street team as a method of promotion is not expensive
at all, Some artist street teams are their family and closest friends or you can think about all the
cities you would like to promote in and 9 times out o time if it’s a major city they already have
available street teams ready to work. Most of these companies will hand out 1,000 flyers for
$100 in any location you want. For example they have the BET awards in Atlanta you contact a
street team and have them outside the awards pushing your music and brand.
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