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Sciatica is known to be the result of the irritation in the sciatic nerve. Pain is the most distinguished and known symptom of sciatica. The treatment depends on the cause of sciatica. It can be the result of irritation, inflammation, injury, or infection. The symptoms of sciatica can vary from moderate to worst. If you experience sudden pain or sciatica flare up here is what you need to do and to answer the question of how to relieve sciatica pain. Here are the things you can do. You have a choice of natural methods. Consider cold application. Use a cold pack to apply on the affected area for about 20 minutes at least thrice a day to reduce inflammation. Use it for the first 48 hours of the sciatica flare up. Then after the said time, apply heat application for at least 15 minutes a day to increase blood flow. Do this for about 4 days. Click Here For Treat Sciatica Now Instant Access Now! You can also use pain medication or NSAIDs to relieve the pain you are feeling. It can relieve the pain temporarily and reduce the inflammation. After which, you can visit your doctor which is an expert on this, usually the doctor will give you a steroidal injection which is injected directly into the sciatic nerve. Stretching exercises can also help. Try to do it slowly, try hard to move it as much as possible, as long as you can bear the pain. A physical therapist can help you with it. If the pain is unbearable and the interventions done are not working, then surgery may not be far form the options being considered. It can either be removal of the herniated disc or destroy nerve fibers of the generated disk. It might be quite expensive but if it is the only option left then there is nothing we can do about it. Now, that you know how to relieve sciatica pain, you will be able to know what will you do the next time you experience sciatica flare ups. Try to stay away from injuring the back part of your body most especially the sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body. Rest, cold and heat application as well as exercises can help in relieving sciatica pain. Do not let it worsen, stop it at the first sign of infection, irritation, immobilization and inflammation. Click Here For Treat Sciatica Now Instant Access Now!