How to Setup PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Connection?

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How to Setup PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Connection?
Access points like routers and other featured with an automatic connection button that is labeled
with “WPS” which is an abbreviation for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This enables devices including your
PIXMA MG3540 to make it connected to the network without any requirement of entering the
password. It also enables immediate and easy approach to connecting your devices. This method is
the easiest way that helps to connect your PIXMA MG3540, so the access point has a WPS button,
and then you need to choose the “WPS Connection Method” tab. In the tutorial mentioned below,
you can find the different methods and steps to set up the PIXMA Wireless printer. Moreover,
connect our Canon Support to have more reliable support and information from the experts.
WPS Connection Method
Before starting with the method, you need to make sure that the access point must have a physical
WPS push button. Here you can check details in the user’s guide. If the WPS push button is not
available please use the instructions on the Standard Connection Method tab. Here your network
must be using the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol.
Here you need to make sure that the printer is turned on
After this press & hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the top of t he printer until the alarm lamp
flashes once
At the end, you need to ensure that the lamp located next to this button starts to flash blue
and then press the [WPS] button
The Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will continue to flash and the power and Wi-Fi lamp that will flash
when connects to the access point. Here you will find the connection has made successfully to your
wireless network.
Get in touch with our customer service to have more detailed information and description to set up
the PIXMA MG3540 Wireless Connection. Dial our toll-free Canon Printer Customer Care Phone
Number (1-800-439-2178), available 24/7 round the clock. Here you will get instant support from the
certified engineers and technicians who are capable enough to handle all sorts of technical issues and
situations related to Canon Printer.