How to start a blog

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How to Post Your First Blog
Since the goal of most bloggers is to acquire regular site visitors who want to read your blog, it is
obviously important that you follow certain proven strategies that will engage your readers and
encourage them to share your incredible insight! When you are now ready to design your website; don't
concern yourself too much with the specifics of the design, which WordPress refers to as the Theme.
Most likely, your theme presents the navigation menu at the top or left side of the page. When you go
into your Admin area, you will see these under Appearance and then menus. It is simple to completely
redesign your site at any time. It is recommended that you do a Google search for "free WordPress
responsive themes" and begin with one of those. You can easily rearrange the order just by dragging and
dropping. Most themes offer the option to add drop down sub-headings, as well. These designs will
open flawlessly on any size screen, including smartphones and tablets. Once you find the one you like,
click on Themes under Appearance in your navigation. Just paste the new theme URL into the Add New
Theme field.
If you are assuming that you can simply go to someone else's website and substitute your name into
their copy, you will soon learn that the search engines have become quite intolerant of that practice.
There is an old saying among website developers: "Content is King." This means that your page content
must be:
Informative - it provides useful information that may not be available anywhere else
Interesting - you are writing in such a way that it keeps the reader on the page
Complete - you have totally covered the subject matter