How to Start a Wellness Business

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Does Wel ness Trump Fitness?

Well..... Soon, the wel ness industry wil account for 1/7th of the
entire U.S. economy. It is ripe with entrepreneurial opportunities.
Now is the time to take advantage.

Hel o,

I guess we should first discuss the difference between fitness and
wel ness. Sometimes these terms are mistakenly used interchangeably.

My definition of fitness is having an elevated level of homeostasis, which
can include a more optimal body fat, more lean muscle and improved
metabolic function.

I would describe wellness as a combination of health, fitness, nutrition,
lifestyle design, stress management and social well-being.

Of course, we can describe fitness and wel ness in numerous other ways,
but I think we can agree they are very different. Fitness is only one
component of wellness.

Because fitness is only one aspect of wellness, by default, wellness is a
MUCH LARGER industry.

Wellness is becoming the first trillion dollar industry.

That's tril ion with a "T".

The fitness industry is still huge with annual revenues in the billions.

What am I saying here?

In short, to expand your reach, opportunity, income and overall career,
you should now consider the wellness industry.

The wellness industry includes the following and more:
coaching, wel ness coaching, nutritional supplement sales, life coaching,
chiropractic, massage therapy, mediation, stress management consulting,
mind-body practices, and various types of traditional and alternative

With all the talk about government health care, medical costs and
prevention; wellness business owners are perfectly positioned to
capitalize on this tril ion-dollar opportunity while helping countless people.

If you have a specific question for me on the best way to add wellness to
your current business model, email me directly. I'm happy to help.

Thanks for your time,
Dr. John Spencer El is "JSE"