How To Start The Perfect Honeymoon

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How To Start The Perfect
(or Romantic Getaway)
Alan Stransman

Most people about to be married put a lot of time and energy into planning the wedding. But what
about the honeymoon? There is one key strategy that can get your honeymoon off on the right foot.

How To Start The Perfect Honeymoon
(or Romantic Getaway)
Many people planning to get married expend a great deal of time and energy on the
wedding ceremony and subsequent celebratory event, whether it is a luncheon, a
large dinner party or an intimate gathering in the backyard. There is an entire
industry around wedding planning, of course, with Wedding Planners who are
hired to arrange everything that happens on the momentous day, down to the
smallest detail.
But what about the honeymoon? Most people who hire a Wedding Planner to see
to it that the ceremony and subsequent party come off without a hitch, make their
own travel arrangements and leave it to fate, chance and the commercial airline
industry to get the honeymoon off to a romantic start.
It may well be that the people who do that haven't taken a commercial flight lately.
Not that it is necessarily bad, but the commercial airline industry experience, if you
will, isn't always good these days, either.
In an era of heightened security, passengers on most domestic flights are told to
arrive at the airport at least a couple of hours before departure, and even more than
that for overseas flights. With commercial airlines scheduling fewer flights, planes
are simply more crowded, not only because there are often fewer empty seats but
because more rows have been added to aircraft, with less space in between.
In short, many commercial airline flights bear a greater resemblance to a sardine
can than in the past, and this is not likely to get better in the future.
With more passengers packing onto fewer flights, lines at check-in are longer, and
delays at security and immigration are longer, too. Closer scrutiny of baggage,
while necessary, can be invasive, and anyone who has been singled out at random
for a "pat down" has experienced a close encounter of a rather distasteful kind.
If you happen to luck into the trifecta of a lengthy delay at check-in, a cozy little
pat-down at security and a full flight on which you were unable to get the seat you
like, your mood could well be sour, and the aircraft hasn't even taken off yet. Add

a couple of crying children to the mix and your flight - your honeymoon, that is -
is not off to the most promising start.
Remember all those discussions about the invitations -perhaps you could have
spent a little less time obsessing over those, and a bit more time thinking about
how to extend the romantic mood of the wedding night into the honeymoon.
Fortunately, there is a way to do that, and if your honeymoon is still in the
planning stages, or, if you have a romantic getaway coming up, there is one killer
strategy that will eliminate all of the annoying, frustrating and unpleasant aspects
of commercial flying.
Private jet charter.
Think about it - rather than having to arrive at the airport several hours before
departure, waiting in lines check-in, security and immigration, if you are travelling
to another country, and packing into a crowded plane full of strangers, you and
your beloved could actually be enjoying yourselves on an elegant, luxurious and
yes, let's just put it right out there - sexy - chartered jet.
There is simply no better way to fly than in comfort and privacy of a chartered jet,
and no better way to tell your significant other how much he or she means to you.
Talk about making a bold statement.
It is no wonder that more and more people are chartering a private jet for personal
travel - vacation, honeymoon and romantic getaway travel - and not just thinking
about the private jet charter industry as the exclusive domain of corporations.
There are, in fact, so many differences between the private jet charter business and
the commercial airline industry that comparing them makes little sense. The
charter jet business has more parallels with the limousine business than it does with
the commercial airline business. Think of a private jet charter as a limo in the sky
that will pick you up at your point of departure and transport you to your desired
destination. When you charter a private jet or other type of aircraft, you fly when
you want, where you want and in the company of the people with whom you want
to fly.

And, just in case you need a little back-up on the idea of chartering a private jet for
your honeymoon, consider these classic lines from "Come Fly With Me":

It's so perfect for a flying honeymoon, oh babe,

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly,

Pack up, let's fly away!
There you go. It's so perfect for a flying honeymoon. Sinatra said it so it must be
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