How to stop panic attacks

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I like to describe a panic attack as a war between two extreme factions in your mind. The
effects of the disorder could reach a peak in less than ten minutes. The problem is that many
people don't even know how to stop panic attacks. Many of the victims who are affected by
these panic attacks the first time misinterpret these as of nervous breakdowns or heart
attacks. Even though people are aware of this disorder they are not sure of how to stop
panic attacks.
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Causes which trigger these attacks:
Biological causes
Many biological problems which include stress disorders, compulsive disorders etc. can also
trigger the panic attack.
Emotional causes
When a person gets into negative self-talk or starts to believe in false beliefs such as that
these symptoms are dangerous or he is a worthless person, he eventually drags himself into
a panic attack. The environment around the victim and the circumstances are also the
factors which could trigger the panic attack.
Sometimes, these panic attacks are caused due to the side effects of certain drugs and
medications which the victim has taken. These side effects could affect the victim in the
initial days of the medication or can either continue to create problems in the entire process
of medication.
The problem gets even more intense when the victim continues to face the panic attacks
even when he is weaned off the drugs responsible for the attacks.
Alcohol wearing off
In many cases the victims face panic attacks after they give up alcohol. This generally
happens when the victim is addicted to the intoxication and the wearing off pushes them into
the panic disorder.
Serious illness or chronic diseases
The serious disorders which are capable of causing sudden deaths can also drag the
patients into panic attacks at times. These disorders include catecholaminergic polymorphic
ventricular tachycardia, long QT syndrome etc. However, it is very difficult to diagnose those
people as the panic attacks are often mistaken with cardiac symptoms.

How to stop panic attacks?
Depending on how strong your mind is and the severity of the attack, you can get rid of panic
attacks in less than 3 minutes. This is the time which is needed to make the body relax and
dissipate all the angst and anxiety. The next technique is the one most people use (or try to).
This will not work on everybody though.
Step 1: Cut off the pain and the agony
First of all you need to stop thinking and clear your mind. If you've ever tried this you'l know
that this is much much harder than it seems. I personally always visualize putting all those
negative thoughts in a steel box, throw a chain around it, lock and throw it into the sun, then I
visualize all those negative thoughts being absorbed by the sun who in return converts the
thoughts back into pure energy... might sound far out there but it works for me

Step 2: Close your eyes and relax
Now that you are absolutely far away from the negative thoughts, you can now try to relax.
Give your body a sense of peace. Sometimes just the closing of your eyes can switch the
whole attack off right then and there!
Shut down your brain for a while and make yourself isolated from the outer world and you
will realize that the panic attack has begun losing its effect gradually.
Step 3: Start controlling your breathing
Now, the next step you need to take to control the panic attack is to try controlling your
breathing. This step is very effective as it lowers down your blood pressure and heart rate
and helps you to relax. Try to take deep breaths which last for about 7-8 seconds. Also, try
to breathe in as much air as possible and breathe from the bottom of your chest. As you will
repeat this process you will feel the effect of the panic attack ebb away gradually.
Step 4: Think positive
Negative thoughts are the arch enemies of your mind. Such thoughts only work as an aid for
panic attacks (I know this sounds logical and you might think... duh, but just stating it can act
as a subconscious confirmation). So try to fill your mind with only positive thoughts (try to
think of recent compliments you got or happy childhood events).
This was the basic technique on how to stop panic attacks, if you're one of the many unlucky
ones with who this technique does not work... don't worry. There are tons of methods out
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technique actual y focuses on eliminating the fear of having a panic attack... which is the
cause for them anyway... it's extremely effective!
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