How to Treat Acne Naturally

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How to get rid of acne
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How to Get Rid of Acne

Having acne is one of the most annoying
things that can happen to teenagers and young
adults. How do I get rid of acne? This is a
question many persons will seek to answer. Here
is an informative guide on how to get rid of acne.
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Get Active and Get Proactiv

Adopt an active lifestyle. Sweating helps the
body to relieve itself of unwanted toxins, and clears
the skin. There is also a highly recommended
product on the market - Proactiv Solution, that is
known to get rid of acne fast. This product is being
recommended as opposed to others; and other
brands of products tend to bleach or tone the skin.
This might do more harm than good. Proactiv is
known to clean the pores of the skin without toning
or bleaching the skin.
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Adopt a Better Eating Plan

More vitamin C and Zinc in the diet are
known to clean the skin and improve the
performance of the immune system. Fish oil
tablets are helpful as they are high in Omega 3
which is very helpful to many body functions
including its ability to fight infections and
cleaning the body. Vitamins C and D are known
to protect the skin from damages caused by the
sun and UV rays.
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Use the Right Products

One should first try to start with natural skin
applications. Start with a facial scrub. A simple cornmeal
mask, once applied properly will work wonders for skin. Then
one can start using baking soda. Use a damp rag and apply the
soda gently to the skin once a day for about six weeks. After
cleaning, ensure that the skin is pat-dried as dragging the rag
across the skin might result in greater problems than just

Try using aloe vera or aloe vera lotion. The more
natural you can get - the better your results will be. Use the
same application direction as for the baking soda and you
should be just fine. Drinking some aloe vera juice might help
to speed up the process as well. It may not have the best taste
or smell but it really works.

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Simple Everyday Things

First, make every attempt to keep your hands
off your face and do not squeeze pimples as this
might irritate the skin further. Avoid the sun and
over exposure to UV rays. Keep your hair off your
face so combing it back in a pony tail might be a
good idea. Do not over wash the face. Persons tend
to use astringents and such scrubs to clean the face
quickly. They might work - or they might lead to
greater problems than acne, so it is advised that
you stick to what really works. Astringents tend to
make the face dry which might irritate your acne.

- Keep a record of what methods you use for
the purpose of going to your dermatologist.
It is ALWAYS advised to get professional

This is a simple guide on how to get rid of

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