HP Laserjet CP2025 CM2320 sqeaking noise repair guide

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HP Laserjet CP2025 - squealing noise from duplex unit
Repair guide
v1.0; 11.12.2012
This is a simple repair guide for HP Laserjet CP2025 and it's relatives (e.g. CM2320),
when there is an unexplainable and - in my case - awful squeaking and squealing coming
from the back of your printer. All you need is a screwdriver and some lube (white grease
worked fine for me). The cause of the problem is plastic parts rubbing against each
other inside the back cover of your printer.
Please note that more often than not, the noise is caused by defective toner units, so
make sure this isn't the case here before starting.
Ok, so let's go: First, open the back of your printer and push the duplex unit itself
back into place, so you are only left with the parts shown in the picture. Now, follow
the numbers and colors in the picture:
1. Unscrew the two screws marked with red circles.
2. You now can pull the bottom part away from the printer, it is held in place by the
four braces circled in green. Don't use too much force, if you get the angle right
it slides off nicely. The black part with the fan stays right where it is, no need to
remove it.
3. Unscrew the two screws marked with blue circles. You now can remove the top
black part.
Lube all the places you think that could be rubbing against each other (e.g. the pins
that hold the stuff in place, the back of the black parts that touch the dark blue cover,
and especially the braces from step 2). Be careful not to cover the paper path, i.e. the
front of the black parts with lube. Just use your brain. Put everything back together:
Voila, the squeaking should be gone!
2. Pull bottom
part off
1. Unscrew
3. Unscrew
Hope this helps! Have fun.