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Features Of The Human Resource Management Software

This HR or employee management software uses the forefront technology suitably approved by the
Microsoft. This facilitates streamlining the HR functions in a better way. This is a web-based
application that can handle all the HR related everyday jobs quite swiftly.

For instance, the profiles of the employees are uploaded into the program and HR officials may
retrieve them with just a click of the mouse, without having to look through heaps of paper
documents. Moreover, the employees can be acquainted with their work profiles such as the work-
time schedules, status for the work profile assessment, their pay progression, leave, and loan status
etc. by just accessing a self-service unit of this application.

The human resource executives of a company can ease themselves from managing the employees'
payroll associated matters physically. They can let this application deal with the processing of the
employees' salary, deductions along with recording the stipends in the automated technique instead.
The most fascinating benefit they will achieve by using this human resource management system is
that this program ensures a complete accuracy within a restricted time frame. They may also get a
superior productivity.

This software system has compatibility to multi-languages. The users of this software program
experience a smoother interface among the English and the Arabic languages as this web-based
human resource application has been enhanced keeping the GCC or Gulf Cooperation Countries
clients in mind. Thus, handling the human resource workflows through this resourceful and inventive
application becomes very easy for all the users of different countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE,
Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait, in so far as the language barrier is actually concerned.

To enable this HR management software small business or big company based features more
easy to get to the users of this oil-rich county, the programmers of this application have developed
some prototype version of this software program, completely meant for them. Such version is known
by the HR Solutions Oman. This comprises all the aspects of the activities of the human resource
department. The nations of this area experience a vast inflow of people from many other regions
seeking jobs. For, all the jobs in there are very much rewarding.

But, the organizations of GCC region are to keep up an extensive record for all of their staff. They are
to keep record of the profiles of each employee in the broad. That record contains the employees' visa,
work permit, driving license, iguana, passport in addition to the validity period or expiration dates of
all the documents.

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