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Why a Landscaping Consultation Could Be Right for You

Maintaining a beautiful, green lawn in Florida is not always the easiest task. Our state is prone
to any kind of climate, from droughts to freezes. Your lawn needs attention every day of the
year, no matter the temperature. But you lead a busy life -- your lawn isn't always the first
thing on your mind. Perhaps it's time for you to hire a landscape consultant? At Earthwise
Horticultural Services
, we know how to create the most beautiful, eco-friendly, and wallet-
friendly lawns out there. Can we help you?

There are many benefits to hiring a landscape consultant. It's our profession and our passion --
we are the experts! We know things about Florida friendly and Florida native landscaping that
can leave you with a beautiful lawn, and more money in your pocket down the road. Our
solutions are eco-friendly; Florida friendly and native landscaping requires less water and
chemical usage. It also reduces the amount of fertilizer that needs to be used, as these plants
grow here natively.

You may pay expenses now, but in the future it will be well worth it -- and you will see the
results! Investing now in a beautiful, eco-friendly lawn will last for years. With proper care,
your lawn will be as green as the day you installed it years from now! By investing in Florida
friendly and native plants, you will not have to spend as much time and money on treating it
for disease and pests. Some solutions even require less irrigation time!

Overall, a landscape consultant can help you understand what is best for your lawn. Our
solutions are eco-friendly and less consumptive than other types of lawns in Florida. Hire a
landscape consultant and spend a ton of money on water, pesticides, chemicals, and general
lawn care! We know what your lawn needs.

And bonus! An added benefit of landscape consulting -- we know which plants do the best in
the changing Florida climates.
We can even offer advice on how to plant edible items in your
lawn! Just think, you could have a fruit tree or a nice vegetable garden growing right in your
backyard. Imagine how much money you'd save on these items at the grocery store! This also
creates a great learning environment for your family -- they can see exactly where the food on
their plates comes from! Vegetables and fruit trees also attract native wildlife, such as
butterflies, birds, and moths!

If you think it's time for a landscape consulting appointment, give Earthwise a call! We would
love to assist you in creating an eco-friendly and beautiful lawn for your home! I can provide a
quick & free estimate along with a plan that will ensure success. We specialize in residential
landscape design, installation, and improvements. We also offer supplemental services such as

landscape clean up, trimming, weed control, irrigation repair, mulching, speciality fertilization,
and sod replacement.