Icon Brickell Miami Condos

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An icon
+ in the heart of Miami.

ICON Brickell, grand in scope as well as concept,
inhabits a ten-acre enclave (including parks)
located on the glittering edge of Biscayne Bay...
an island ambiance within the city, a luxurious
urban retreat with seemingly endless waterfront.

The interior design for the common
areas of the project is inspired by Yoo by
Philipe Starck.
From the moment you arrive, statues
modeled after the Moai figures of
Easter Island embrace your journey into
Starck’s world of style, sophistication,
urban living and privacy.
More than 100 feet above Biscayne Bay,
your two-acre, outdoor sanctuary offers
several areas to relax and hide away.
A 300-foot-long pool lined with stately
trees and cool grass provides a unique
area to stroll and unwind. A secluded
deck surrounding a cooling pool offers
the perfect place to sunbathe.
A private café with an outdoor fireplace
and quiet cabanas creates a retreat with
views of the downtown Miami skyline.


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