If You Find Yourself Stuck Transcribing Interview Recordings Try These Easy Steps

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If You Find Yourself Stuck Transcribing Interview Recordings Try These
Easy Steps
By: Champak Pol
Transcribing interviews can be a tricky affair more so; when you need to conduct the interview and then
transcribe interview recordings. It entails listening skills, patience and cautious editing. It can take about
6-7 hours for an hour-long interview depending on your typing skills. But doing it meticulously can result
in high precision.
If you are a novice in interview transcription; it can take about ten to one ratio of time transcribing to
actual talk. To be more precise you can count somewhere about 150 minutes to transcribe your 15
minute interview. Now imagine if you are conducting an academic interview transcription of 30 two
hour interviews.
This Article will give you a fair idea of the various steps needed to Transcribe Interview

If you are unable to understand certain words put question Transfer your interview recording to
your PC. If you are using a digital voice recorder or a voice recorder app on a Smart Phone,
attach the recorder or Smart Phone into your PC and move or copy page the file by following the
recommendations that pop up on the screen. If you are using a tape for transcribing then record
the tape onto your PC through microphone and native recording unit program in a silent place.
Open the audio files in a media player that enables you to pause, fast-forward and rewind the
Initiate a word processing program and open a new doc file.
Inscribe the name of the interviewer, interviewee, time, date and location, where it took place.
Instigate a new section with the name of the speaker trailed by a word for the statement. When
you start the transcription, don't take extra time for paragraph breaks or formatting. These can
be done during the modification process. State the start time in the audio recording for each
Put emphasis on noting down interruptions in the interview by making comment in the
brackets. For example; if the interview was interrupted in between due to a phone call put a
remark that the record was paused to permit the interviewer to receive the business call.
Always pay special attention to ambient sounds that are indicative in the interview process. For
example; words such as "uh" or "um" should be taken into consideration while preparing
interview transcription.
Focus on the points where alterations were done in the written text of the transcript. Always
put a square in brackets where statements are modified especially where it is required to
enhance lucidity. Recognize an error on the speaker's part rather than the one who is
transcribing the interview by putting the word "sic" in brackets marks.
If a longer part of the sentence is not clear, highlight the statement with the duration. For
example; {"(unintelligible 20 seconds)"}.
The interview is now complete for publication. If you are still unable to follow these steps; take the help
of a professional transcription company and get excellent interview transcription services at cost-
effective rates in a timely manner.
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