Immigration to Denmark Made Easy

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Immigration to Denmark Made Easy

Facts about Denmark

Name: Kongeriget Denmark - The Kingdom of Denmark
Form of government: Constitutional monarchy with
parliamentary democracy. Since October 2011, the government
has consisted of the Social Democratic Party, the Social Liberal
Party and the Socialist People's Party

Demographics of Denmark

Population: 5.6m inhabitants
Population density: Approx. 130 inhabitants per sq. km
Average life expectancy: Men 77.3 years, women 81.6 years
Capital: Kobenhavn (Copenhagen), 1.213.822 inhabitants in the
metropolitan area
Major cities: Aarhus 319.094, Odense 168.798, Aalborg 126.556
Language: The official language is Danish. English is widely
Religion: 80 % belong to the National Lutheran Church

Economy of Denmark

Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
GDP per capita: 278.000 DKK / 36.646 EUR

Climate of Denmark

Denmark has a mild and temperate climate. It rains or snows
every second day (during the wintertime it snows seven days a