Importance of Automating B2B Lead Nurturing

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Importance of Automating B2B Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is serious business in B2B marketing. This is because, it helps to stay engaged with
potential buyers of the company's products or services. By nurturing prospects marketers will be able to
deduce buying preferences and assess the time it will take to close the deal. For lead nurturing to bear
fruits, marketing campaigns must deliver that the prospect is looking for / interested in. Here are some
important strategies to cover:

Filling sales pipeline with quality leads
Marketing automation tools aid marketers to generate leads from website visits. However, not all are
sales ready. TO ensure they transition to lead status, lead nurturing campaigns need to be executed. By
doing so, marketers can continue to reach out to those who are aware of the product or service offering
and need not waste time on those unwilling or unable to make a purchase. For this to materialize,
marketers need to build quality content, run email campaigns with content baits and track responses. A
DemandGen report also reports that on an average there is 20% more chance of a nurture lead
converting to customer than an un-nurtured one.

Build credibility
For lead nurturing to succeed, marketers must build trust. Email campaigns set up for lead nurturing must
build and develop business relationships by sharing quality content. Since B2B marketing decisions are
mostly collectively made, it may take a long time for prospects to respond. During this lead time lead
nurturing tactics must be employed to nurture their interest levels.

Lead nurturing process can be triggered using marketing automation software. Some of their top benefits

Better understanding of the lead intent and their current level in the purchasing cycle.
Easy classification of the leads on the based on their sales readiness.
Timely indication sent to sales teams on new and hot leads thereby enabling them to reach
prospects that are ready to buy now, with a relevant solution.
Focus on nurturing leads, who have shown an interest but are not yet sales ready.
Nurture leads by informing and educating them with relevant information.
Run personalized and intent driven lead nurturing campaigns.

By using marketing automation software, lead generation and nurturing process can be tracked and
content can be automatically delivered to the prospects. By integrating the marketing automation software
and CRM systems, marketers can even nurture prospects in various social channels. Finally, it goes

without saying that automation of lead nurturing process can accelerate the whole sales cycle and help
the marketer realize economic benefits sooner.

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