Importance of Right Selection of Keywords to make Search Engine Optimisation beneficial

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Importance of Right Selection of Keywords to make Search Engine Optimisation beneficial

There are many ways to increase the web visibility of any web page or web site but to increase over
the SERP (Search engine result position) there is a need to implement a well planned and focused
strategy. Search Engine Optimisation is a term used for enhancing the overall search engine status of
any such web page. What do you expect from your SEO Company? Good SERP or Increased business
volumes. Getting good SERP is something very easy as compared to increase over the business
volume by the way of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be divided
into two major parts like on page and off page SEO.

There are many benefits of having a good SERP as it gives your site a huge exposure to thousands of
visitors and if the conversion capability of your webpage is quite good then you can turn random
visitors into leads and can increase over the business revenue. Here one thing is quite noticeable that a
good website design is very important to convert a visitor into a lead. Data from Google Analytics can
be used for increasing the conversion ratio of any web page as it provides very useful information
about the visitor's behavior over the site. But not every one can draw inclusions from Google
Analytics as it requires a lot of research and practice. For example if majority of visitor over a web
site are kids then it is beneficial to include some related topics on the web site and to make the over all
web site design more user friendly and communicative.

Search Engine Optimisation can be divided into two major parts on page and off page. On page SEO
is about making changes into the web site itself and is an important factor as it gives SEO a direction
as well as objective. The basic objective of any optimiser is to increase over the traffic and traffic
comes through the keywords. Keywords are search queries from thousands of search engine visitors.
Google keeps a track of each word typed in the search box of Google and presents a comprehensive
report of keyword importance. Key word importance can be measured into three dimensions keyword
relevancy, keyword traffic and keyword competition.

Keyword relevancy is the measure of the thematic match of the keyword from the actual web content
for example if your site sells baby products then baby strollers, prams, Avent, maclaren double are
few keywords which can be used. Keyword relevancy is important because it gives the basic idea of
what user is looking for and there must be a match in what they are looking and what you are
providing. There is no such online tool to decide keyword relevancy and only expert and experienced
person can decide the right keyword for a particular website. Keyword traffic means the number of
global and local searches made for particular keyword by the different web users across the globe
while competition over a keyword is the indicator of number of web sites having the same keyword in
their content. Right keyword must be highly relevant with low competition and high traffic. However
sometimes it is quite difficult to arrive on such a keyword but a deep research can give you at least 10
to 15 such keywords.