Important Information on Different Types of Electric Cords

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Important Information on Different Types of Electric Cords

When it comes to electricity, many people mistakenly believe that all extension cords are the
same unless they happen to find one that does not have the right opening for the prongs
they need.With the wide variety of extension cords it is important to determine what you are
powering before deciding on a type of extension cord.

In order to understand the different types of electric cords, without having to have an in-
depth understanding of how electricity works, you just have to consider a few simple facts.

For one thing, not all extension cords are the same. For instance, you would not use an
indoor extension cord outside if you wanted to be safe. An outdoor extension cord is not just
a gimmick to sell more cords. An outdoor extension cord is actually made of more durable
material and can provide the power you need over long distances outside in various weather

Compare a cord from your lamp to the cord from a power saw. Notice that the cord is thicker.
That is because the power saw requires more power. An outdoor extension cord works on
much the same premise. You also have to consider distance. The further away you get from
the power source, the harder it is to draw the power out. Thicker outdoor extension cords are
able to draw more power over longer distances while indoor cords are made primarily for
short distances.

To test the theory of distance, consider your garden hose. As far as travel goes, water and
electricity are very similar. The longer your garden hose is, the less pressure it offers when
the water comes out of the hose. This is why people install water pumps near the garden
instead of string hoses from the house.

Things can get even more complicated when you start considering things that will be used
for an extended period of time, like swimming pool water pumps or RV's. An RV extension
cord is different from an outdoor extension cord. In fact, an RV power cord is different than
any type of cord you are going to find in your house.

When you need a replacement power cord or an extension cord of any kind, especially an
outdoor extension cord, play it smart. Talk to a professional about your needs. If you fail to
get the right cord for the job, you can overwork the appliance without gaining any results; this

is dangerous for you and your appliance. One clear example is a power saw. If your power
saw is not working as efficiently as it could, you are probably going to try to push it harder in
order to get the task done. You are very likely to end up getting hurt as well as ruining your

Choosing appropriate power cords is very important to securing both your safety and
convenience. Without the proper type of extension cord, you could cause a fire or damage
appliances or electronics that you are powering. Do the proper research before deciding on
the type of extension cord to use for your specific application.

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