Important Tips to Know Before Buying a Used Lexus Car

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Important Tips to Know Before Buying a Used Lexus Car
By: Stephen Haddad
Buying a used car has its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, one advantage is that you
can purchase a car at a lower rate than the original purchase price. The downside is that you
inherit all the auto problems of the previous owner. If you're in the process of buying a used
car, here are a few tips that you don't want to miss:
Check the mileage:
Always make sure the mileage disclosure matches the odometer reading on the vehicle.
Check the used car's warranty:
In most cases, you may be able to get a warranty on a used car, even with high mileage.
This is why getting the vehicle inspected by a Lexus mechanic is very important. If the car's
warranty is still in effect, call the manufacturer to see if you can use the coverage.
Check for a `buyers guide' sticker:
Whenever you buy a used car from a dealership, make sure that the buyer's guide
sticker is posted on the window of the vehicle. The federal law requires that all used car
dealerships have a `buyer's guide' sticker attached to the vehicle. This will let you know if you're
buying a car that has a warranty or if it's sold 'as is'. In addition, the Buyers Guide highly
recommends having a vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic before purchasing a car.
So, if you're purchasing a used Lexus, make sure you get it inspected by a Lexus mechanic.
Research the car's history:
Make sure you ask the seller for past maintenance records. It is important that you
know if the car was ever involved in a collision or if it has flood damage.
You can check to see if the car has been labeled a lemon by checking the car's vehicle
identification number (VIN).
Check the price of similar car models:
You can verify prices by using a car guide, such as Kelley Blue Book or the NADA. At
LexService Auto, we highly recommend that you have a licensed auto technician thoroughly
inspect the used vehicle before buying, especially if it is over 50k miles. An auto Lexus
mechanic will check the car's frame, engine, transmission, air bags, tires, etc. Make sure you

discuss with the seller (in advance) that you will pay for the inspection only if it passes. If it fails
inspection, the seller should be responsible for paying the repairs.
Be cautious of curb stoning:
This usually occurs when a dealer has a damaged car on his/her lot that they can't sell.
They will give the car to someone else to sell through Craigslist or the newspaper classifieds.
When you check the title history report, it will show that the title was recently changed. This is
an indication that it may be a lemon. If the seller's name is different from the title name - buyer
If you're in the market for a used Lexus and you need a Lexus mechanic to inspect the vehicle,
contact at LexService Auto. It is a dependable Lexus repair specialist in South Bay, California.
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