Improve Your Looks and Self Confidence with Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Improve Your Looks and Self Confidence with Cosmetic Breast Surgery
Many women report that having breast augmentation surgery improves
their looks as well as their confidence and self-esteem

Well shaped breasts enhance your femininity and make you look good in anything
you wear. In addition to those who simply want to enhance breast size and contour,
women with a flat chest or asymmetrical breasts are opting for breast augmentation
to boost their body image, looks, and self-esteem. Skilled and experienced plastic
surgeons offer various cosmetic breast surgery options to meet patient needs safely
and effectively.
More Attractive Breasts with Implants
Breast augmentation via implants helps women attain breasts of any shape and size
they desire. FDA-approved saline and silicon gel breast implants are the options
available at leading plastic surgery practices. The pre-filled silicon gel implants offer
natural looking breasts though they require a large incision to insert. In contrast,
saline gel implants are filled with a saline solution after they are placed and require
only a smaller incision. The plastic surgeon will help you choose from various implant
types available such as tear drop and round, smooth and rough-textured - based on
your goals and overall physical considerations.
Advanced Fat Transfer Solutions
Fat transfer is proving a effective and safe option as it involves using the woman's
own tissues for breast enhancement. Fat transfer breast augmentation is the ideal
solution for women who have diet resistant fat deposits in areas such as the back,
hips or thighs. Liposuction surgery is performed to remove this fat. It is then
processed and purified and injected into the breasts to boost volume. This method
offers an additional benefit - removing excess fat enhances the contour of the donor
site. In addition to improving overall body contour, fat transfer helps avoid implant
related issues.

The results of both the implant and fat grafting method can be enhanced with breast
lift surgery. A breast lift is performed as a stand alone treatment to resolve
sagginess. The nipple is repositioned higher and loose skin is removed. When
performed in conjunction with breast enhancement surgery, a breast lift can further
enhance results.
Significance of 3D Breast Imaging
Women who are about to undergo the breast surgery are eager to know how their
breasts will look like after the surgery. Advanced 3D imaging and simulation
technology has made this possible. The patient can try out different types of
implants and view 3D images of these options from various angles utilizing this
platform. This allows them to choose the right option. Likewise, for fat transfer
method, this option helps the surgeon evaluate the extent of fat required for the
enhancement, paving the way for pre-operative planning and a better final outcome.
Choose a Trustworthy Practice
Once you decide to have cosmetic breast surgery or rather, see if you are good
candidate for the procedure, find a reliable accredited plastic surgery practice with
qualified, experienced and skilled plastic surgeons. This is important to ensure
efficacy in results as well as safe procedures. At the right practice, you would enjoy
a pleasant surgical experience in a safe, comfortable and private environment. Other
benefits would include reduced pain and discomfort, less surgical trauma, faster
recovery, and natural looking results