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Angela Siuta Technology
Ultimate Guide to speed up your
by angelasiuta
18 Fol ow ers
wordpress website
Wordpress - The Best of

I use wordpress for my site!
My website load slow!
I want to improve the user experience
for my visitor!
There are numerous queries related to website speed, which I receive from many
website owners who are very passionate to website speed. Infact, they are not
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alone, either. Few years back, Google stated that website speed is one of the
crucial factors while determining search engine rankings for a website.
Have you ever thought the
importance, the website
speed has?

You might have heard this before,
that a website has a few seconds to
capture visitors' attention and to
convince them to hang around. If
you've been running a website
online, you might want to have a nice layout, maximum visualisation with lots of
images and al the good stuff required for retaining visitor on the site.
But even if you have fantastic website with maximum visualisation, if your page
loads slow, visitors leave your site before they could even get a chance to see
your fantastic design & bril iant concept which convert them into customers.
How to check your website speed?
The best way to check your websites speed is to use Google PageSpeed
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"Google PageSpeed Insights" al ow you to test your site speed. Al you just need to
enter your website address and it wil give you a page with your site download
speed and general performance. It wil also tel you the areas that could be
implemented for better performance.
Wordpress Post
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Free Wordpress

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Free Wordpress
CMS Wordpress
How to speed up your
Wordpress website?

Wordpress is a great platform, which
is widely used on over 10 mil ion
websites, or just over 18% of the
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websites currently online. I am also
one of the crazy fans of this great
blogging platform and you can
experience this into action on my blog, but the only
negative point is that it's usual y slow than most of the CMS platform.
Without proper speed optimisation, your wordpress website could end up as a
stagnant site that may lose your customers or subscribers due to the heavy load
Here are some great steps which can help you to improve the speed of your
Wordpress site.
1- Use a Proper Web Hosting Service - The best place to start is to check for
web hosting service as this is the place where website is itself located. Here, I do
not recommend going for any costly or dedicated web hosting service, Al you just
need to make sure that you are using the best one having unlimited bandwidth,
disk space and higher uptime.
2- Pick your Theme Wisely - After ensuring an ideal hosting service, the next
step is picking up the right Wordpress theme that can a huge difference in your
website speed. Here, I recommend choosing a responsive and beautiful design for
your site which would work on al platforms (windows, tablets & smartphones).
Additionally, you can check for other features as well, like:-
Improved speed
Built-in security enhancements
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SEO friendly features
Responsive design for al platform
3- Manage Plugins - Wordpress Plugins have its equal pros & cons. We cannot
deny the fact that plugins extend and enhance the functionality of this platform but
at the same time they add an overhead and slows the website. Therefore, I
suggest keeping minimum number of plugins, always choosing your plugins
careful y and only using the ones which are so required.
4- Delete Spam Comments & Post Revisions - Keeping hundreds of spam
comments and unnecessary post revision in your database slows the speed of
your site. Therefore, deleting spam comments and post revisions can be a great
step towards better user experience for your site.
5- Image Optimization - Images are a great way to visualize one's website but on
a separate note, this fact cannot be ignored that images always add an overhead
on the database and slows the website performance. Here, we need to make sure
what images are required for the site and in what resolution/dimension and then
images can be compressed. Also, we can give Image Alt tags & titles to make them
more user & search engines friendly.
For this, there are numerous plugins (both free & paid) available on Wordpress.
Although, I personal y use and recommend WP, this is one of the best
and free plugin available and I didn't get any negative point against this.
Other Suggestions
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Other Suggestions
WordPress Poll
1- Gzip Compression - Gzip
Do you use WordPress?
compression is another great way for
Yes, I have a WordPress Blog
maximizing website performance.
Here, you can compress your
Yes, I have a WordPress Website
images, CSS, blog, etc. This way,
No, I am not a fan of this CMS
you can save your bandwidth
al owing visitors to explore your site
No, I use another CMS (Please
more frequently.
specify in comments)
2- Use a Content Delivery
Network (CDN) - A content delivery
See results without voting
network (CDN) is a high-performance
col ection of servers that helps
delivering your website content across the globe. Ideal y, a CDN host al the static
files of your site and let visitors download them more faster by serving the files on
the servers, nearest to their location.
You can get a free CDN from your hosting provider or you can set this up yourself
using various plugins or hosting provider across the globe.
Need Help?
If you are running a WordPress
website and looking forward to
enhance your user experience, then
you are at the right place, Pacific
Source: Pacific Infotech
Infotech is a UK based website
design and development company,
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having extensive hands of experience on this platform. you can contact them on
020 313 76707 or browse their website for more information >>
Your Turn - The time starts now
I am sure these steps wil definitely help you in improving the user experience and
increasing the load speed of your Wordpress website.
What do you think about them? Or Share your own thoughts so we can make this
platform even more better. I'd love your feedbacks and questions below. Thanks
for your patience. :)
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Last updated on February 23, 2014
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