Improved workspace affects employees’ performance

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Improved workspace affects employees' performance
As a manager or a company owner, you want to increase the performance of your employees,
right? So, one of the management tools you probably ignore is workspace. Yes, workspace
plays a key role in the employee's productivity, and that space if improved will have great
effects on the employee's performance and efficiency at work. So, if you want to increase
your stuff's performance, improving workspace is no longer a choice but a necessity. That's
what has been stressed by a new research published recently.
The study is carried by researcher Jennifer Abou Hamad at University Paris 1 Pantheon,
Sorbone. It's never the same if the workspace is highly improved or poorly set. According to
the study published in a Journal of Organizational Management Studies, workspace is a
manager tool and "it is important to reflect on office layout to improve the welfare and
performance of employees and enable them to give their best effort."
If the employee is given the flexibility to design his own workspace with his own stuff and
not only occupy the place, it would make much difference. A poorly set workspace is just
fostering negative energy into the employee's psychology. Thus, if the employee doesn't like
what's around him, his productivity will unintentionally decrease. When the employee
develops his personal space, the latter "becomes a strategic tool as the employee feels more
involved in company decision-making and experiences improvements in both motivation and
the quality of life at work.
According to the researcher "employees must not only occupy the space but also adapt the
space to their needs" the study stated. Hence, in order to get benefits and best of its employees
"a company needs to rethink its workspace to make it more attractive" the study stressed. The
researcher affirmed that "workspace functions to optimize working conditions, to protect and
motivate employees, to enhance well-being and, in turn, individual performance."
When you improve the welfare of employees at work including a perfect workspace and rich
work environment, you'll get benefits from the productivity rates that will significantly rise.
As the study mentioned, the "work environment is designed as a managerial tool to achieve
certain organizational goals."
When the organizations make a perfect environment for work, they will reduce job stress that
has "become a major risk that organizations must face" as it is "not only harmful to the
employee but also posing serious consequences for the company." The employee is an active
vein in the company's body, so if harmed it will affect the whole body in a way or another.
According to the study "Poor workplace conditions become a source of pain that can cause
psychosocial disorders".