Increase your business online with eCommerce Solutions

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Increase your business online with eCommerce Solutions

Thanks to our latest social media platforms such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter that the online
world has gained its desired momentum that it aimed for long. About a decade back online websites and
ecommerce activities were mostly prevalent in the western countries making huge profits. Today it is
developing fast in the Asian countries and particularly, in India. Easy online transactions and increased
computer literacy paved the way. There are online traders, merchants and retailers who are willing to
network with consumers regionally and globally to sell their products. Hence, the need is to be able to
connect with likeminded individuals in order to foster trade, commerce and other business ventures.

To a layman ecommerce would ideally refer to B2C or B2C shopping websites. However, today it is much
more than that. With the prominence of social networking the traditional model for online shopping has
changed in order to incorporate active participation from users while marketing and selling products.
Furthermore, with the advent and success of the mobile application development technologies, there has
been a new avenue for sales in the retail segment. This helps the users to shop using their mobiles.
However, the main target however remains to get a competitive advantage on the growing ecommerce
markers and facilitate a satisfactory user experience. This includes a sharp user interface, secure data
management, fast functionality and a consolidated POS and the capacity to handle huge amount of
traffic. Eminent software product development service providers have introduced innovative ecommerce
solutions. Some of the focus areas are as follows:-

Online, social & mobile commerce

Web portals for specialized services

Interactive advertizing
Benefits of ecommerce solutions

There are several features ecommerce solutions that result in high-end benefits. A selected few are listed

Online storefronts, catalogs and shopping carts

Online auction engines depending on open source libraries

Robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery

Next-generation ad servers

Web portals for travel, ticketing as well as event management

Websites optimized for user content generation

Web-based administration products for managing inventory, coupon codes and gift certificates

Location-based shopping services for mobile phones

Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions
This is not all. Leading market players in ecommerce solutions have the vast experience of working with
BPM workflow modeling applications and other innovative reporting tools.

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