Increasing your practice's profitability with physician billing services

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Increasing your practice's
profitability with physician billing
Healthcare facilities could face financial issues due to under pricing, under
coding, or missed charges. These problems can be solved by outsourcing
physician billing services to a medical billing company. This will help
healthcare professionals avoid complications, increase work efficiency,
reduce payroll costs, increase practice profitability, assure accuracy and
enhance both patient and physician satisfaction. These factors account for
the rising demand for physician billing services.
Emergency physician billing involves the filing and submission of patient
claims to insurance agencies in a timely manner in order to get the payments
due for the services provided. Experienced medical billing companies can
handle all your medical billing issues promptly. They are highly flexible and
can work on either your medical billing software or their own web-based
management software. They provide services for a wide range of specialties
including allergy and sleep medicine, critical care, cardiology,
endocrinology, hematology, geriatrics, obstetrics, pathology, microbiology,
pain management, and more.
Comprehensive Physician Billing Services

The physician billing service offered by a medical billing company
* Enrollment into the billing system
1. Demographic information
2. Insurance information
* Verification
1. Insurance verification
2. Authorization
* Coding
* Billing and Reconciling of Accounts
1. Charge entry
2. Cash posting
3. Reconciliation
* Accounts Receivable Collections
1. Insurance collection
2. Patient collection
3. AR follow up and collections
How a physician billing service can enhance
your profits
Medical billing services for physicians help practices to improve revenue by
* Improving cash flow
* Increasing collection ratios
* Enhancing customer relationships with timely accounts receivable

* Saving your valuable time
* Saving on overhead expenses such as salaries, benefits, payroll taxes,
and more.
* Simplifying workflow
* Reducing paperwork
* Elimination of costly errors
* Saving on resources
* Providing maximum reimbursement
* Reducing old receivables
* Eliminating claim denials
* Reducing labor cost
* Improving patient and physician satisfaction
* Eliminating technical support costs
A reliable service provider would research all accounts to develop a proper
action plan, ensure regular quality checks and readily available reports.
Locating a reliable medical billing company
To benefit from quality physician billing services, you need to find a reliable
medical billing company. The internet is a valuable resource, providing
lists of service providers you could check out. Analyze the services offered,
accuracy and turnaround time ensured, confidentiality guaranteed and other
relevant details. See if the firm offers a free trial. Going in for a test drive
helps evaluate service quality before signing up.

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