India, the Preferred Hub for Medical Writing

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India, the Preferred Hub for Medical Writing

Medical writing is not that simple as it might appear to few. It rather is a complex and critical activity
that involves the creation of scientific documentation that helps in interpretation of clinical research
results and offers clarity on the drug use parameters. Other than this it also offers medical information
about certain products. The work at hand therefore needs a great level of understanding of scientific
and regulatory guidelines and also involves liaising with numerous stakeholders such as the clinical trial
scientists, doctors and the like.

Medical writing is noted as a task that needs special skills, for instance a thorough understanding of
medical and clinical information, as well as the capacity to present data concisely and clearly in a well
formatted document set as per guidelines. India has a huge amount of experienced and qualified
professionals who are equally proficient in English language. This in addition to an attract cost arbitrage
scopes, makes India a preferred hub for medical writing outsourcing.

As per the clinical data lifecycle, data is first and foremost managed and then evaluated and then the
outcome id interpreted as well as documented as per certain scientific and regulatory guidelines. In the
beginning there were certain activities that were outsourced to service providers based out of India. It
was a logical progression of pharma organizations present globally for outsourcing scientific and medical

Eminent CRO's in India possesses a well trained medical writing group having expertise in compilation
of manuscripts, abstracts and publications. Medical writing services includes investigation brochures,
Protocol, informed consent document, case report forms, scientific papers, study reports for
publications and Med Xview for e filing. They also deal in dedicated report compilation and dispatch
them. Few other medical writing services comprise the following:-

Bioanalytical reporting

Method Validation Reports

Bio analytical Reports

ISR Reports

Submission-ready Documentation (Hyperlinked eCTD formatting)

Clinical Reporting

Clinical Study Reports

Integrated Safety & Efficacy Reports

Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reports

Presentations, Posters & Manuscripts

Leading pharmaceutical companies having a global presence are already outsourcing medical
writing to India. A recent market analysis approximates that the global medical writing market size is
approximately $700-800 million. At the same time, the service providers based out of India compete
with providers from Ireland, China, Philippines and others that are poised to attain a major market share
in this segment.

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