Indoor Tanning and Spray Tans

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At Australian Tan, our luxurious salons and certified tanning professionals
will provide you with the highest quality of service and premium skincare
that will surely exceed your expectations. We offer 5 levels of state of the
art tanning equipment and Sunless Tanning. You'll find the relaxation you
need at Australian Tan, with multiple locations all linked together and over
100+ tanning beds it's the perfect fifteen minute getaway, close to home.

Australian Tan uses this expertise to provide our
clients with the highest levels of service and skin
care. With multiple tanning salons conveniently
located throughout Northern California, we're
bringing this expertise to you!

At Australian Tan, we have the perfect tanning bed to meet every individual's needs. Our highly trained
staff will insure each person will be matched to the correct bed for their skin type. With so many options
to choose from, we will be with you every step of the way!

Sunless Tanning Bed

If you want instant color with no UV light exposure, sunless tanning is
the perfect solution for you. Within four to six hours after your session
you'll have a flawlessly applied, golden tan that will last up to seven

Australian Tan exclusively uses VersaSpa(R) the most sophisticated
sunless tanning booth on the market. This system was designed with
the desires of the tanner in mind. Although very private, each booth
features an open-air design to help you feel relaxed and
unconstrained, as well as a range of formulas, which you can use to
customize your tan.

During the tanning application, a fine mist is evenly distributed across
your body. A specially designed ventilation system allows for easy
breathing throughout the process. Once the application is complete,
the booth automatically dries your body, leaving you ready to dress
with no sticky, after-tan feel. The entire process is quick, quiet and leaves you with a beautiful bronze

Easy tan that takes under 60 seconds

UV-Free option

Immediate results, long lasting & beautiful dark color

Customize your tan

Most popular option

Fast Tanning Bed

The Fast tanning bed is our introductory standard tanning bed.
The Fast bed is well suited for tanners on a budget who want a
fast way to build their base tan. Although the Fast beds may not
be as powerful or quick on results as some of our more advanced
equipment, they do boast extremely high-quality, carefully
selected tanning lamps to get the job done right.

Our Fast beds are used in 20-minute sessions, with some locations
offering a 10-minute "speed" version for clients in a hurry

20 minute tanning time

Introductory standard bed

Fast way to build a base tan

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