Industrial and manufacturing systems engineering

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kansas state university
Industrial and manufacturing
systems engineering
Industrial and manufacturing systems
The average annual starting salary for
Manufacturing engineering
engineers design, analyze and improve
IMSE graduates is more than $60,000.
The design, analysis and implemen-
production systems. Where other
Because of their ability to see system-
tation of systems to manufacture
engineers design products, IEs design
wide problems and solutions, gradu-
processes to make goods and provide
ates move quickly into management
services. They work with people at all
Operations research
The application of mathematical models
levels of an organization and are more
to analyze complex problems and de-
business- and people-oriented than
IMse curriculum
velop optimum solutions.
other engineers.
The industrial engineering curriculum is
A good product design is just one ele-
based on a strong background in math-
ment of a successful business. To be
ematics and science. In our curriculum,
A minor in manufacturing systems
successful, an organization must choose the first two academic years are used
is also available. It requires 16 credit
the right materials, have the right mix of to build the knowledge and experience
hours: four core courses and at least
properly trained people and use appro-
base necessary for our students to learn
one course from the manufacturing
priate technology and the best methods
and apply fundamental engineering
systems elective course list. A course
to produce the highest quality goods
concepts and principles. Courses within
list is available in the online catalog at
and services at the lowest possible cost.
the major are a blend of engineering,
management and business topics. Our Look under
IEs use computers, mathematics, sci-
the College of Engineering.
courses are taught almost exclusively
ence, problem solving and engineer-
by faculty. IE class size is typically fewer
ing skills to solve complex business
than 30 students.
Concurrent B.s./M.s.
problems. They work in manufacturing,
The industrial engineering department
health care, transportation, financial
We emphasize teamwork and group
offers a concurrent B.S./M.S. degree
organizations, communications, govern-
projects in our learning experience that
program in which high-performing stu-
ment, military and consulting.
help develop skills necessary for suc-
dents can earn bachelor’s and master’s
cess in today’s work environment.
degrees at the same time. Students
Career opportunities
choose between completing a thesis
IE graduates are in demand by Kansas,
Areas of specialization
or pursuing a course work-only option.
Midwestern, national and international
Students may choose an area of empha-
To apply for the program, the student
organizations. Most students have job
sis in any areas listed below by select-
must have a cumulative GPA of at least
offers before they graduate.
ing appropriate IMSE electives.
3.25 after having completed 80 credit
Some companies that have recruited
Engineering management
hours toward the industrial engineering
our graduates in the past few years
The management of engineering or
degree. Graduates typically complete
include Accenture, Altec Industries
highly technical organizations and
both degrees in about one calendar year
Inc., Becton, Dickinson and Company,
effective resource utilization. Includes
beyond the time it would take to com-
Black & Veatch, Blue Cross and Blue
the management of money, people and
plete the bachelor’s alone. Interested
Shield, Caterpillar, Cerner, Cessna,
students should contact the department
ConAgra Foods, Deloitte Consulting
head for additional information.
LLP, ExxonMobil, General Electric,
The study of human characteristics for
General Mills, Halliburton, Hormel
the appropriate design of tools, devices,
Food, Honeywell, IBM, JCPenney,
equipment, machines, controls, work-
John Deere, Koch Industries, Lockheed
stations and environment to minimize
Martin, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble,
human operator stress and fatigue and
Raytheon, Reinke Manufacturing,
improve productivity.
Sprint, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe
Railway, United Parcel Service, and
Yellow Transportation.

student activities
Humanities and social science UGE electives:
Hrs. Fall semester
Electives are to be selected from the catalog list
All students are encouraged to join the
3 IMSE 560
Operations Research I
and must satisfy university general education
student chapters of the Institute of
3 IMSE 541
Statistical Quality Control
Industrial Engineers and/or the Society
3 MGMT 420 Management Concepts
IMSE assembly requirement: Each semester a
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
of Manufacturing Engineers. The student
student must enroll in IMSE 015 unless you are
3 Computer programming elective
chapters organize a number of activi-
a concurrent B.S./M.S. student, in which case
3 Engineering elective
you must enroll in either IMSE 015 or IMSE 892.
ties promoting academic and social
*Prerequisite for ENGL 415 is a B or better
interaction between the members. The
Hrs. Spring semester
in ENGL 100. ENGL 200 must be taken if
chapters host field trips, student/faculty
3 IMSE 660
Operations Research II
ENGL 100’s grade was a C or lower.
picnics and mentor day, organize dis-
3 ENGL 415

Written Communication for
plays at K-State Open House and partici-
0 IMSE 050
Industrial Plant Studies
For more information about industrial
pate at the Technical Paper Conference
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
or manufacturing systems engineering
and other interesting activities.
3 IMSE elective
3 Professional elective
3 Engineering elective
Department of Industrial and
Bachelor of science in 
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
industrial engineering
Kansas State University
2037 Durland Hall
(127 hours required for graduation.
Hrs. Fall semester
Manhattan, KS 66506–5101
Accredited by the Industrial Engineering 3 IMSE 623
Industrial Ergonomics
Accreditation Commission of the
3 IMSE 633

Production Planning and
Inventory Control
E-mail: [email protected]
Accreditation Board for Engineering
3 IMSE 643
Industrial Simulation
and Technology.)
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
3 Professional elective
For more information about
3 Engineering elective
Kansas State University, contact:
Hrs. Fall semester
4 MATH 220

Analytic Geometry and
Office of Admissions
Calculus I
Hrs. Spring semester
Kansas State University
4 CHM 210
Chemistry I
4 IMSE 580

Manufacturing System
119 Anderson Hall
3 ENGL 100
Expository Writing I*
Design and Analysis
3 IMSE 201

Introduction to Industrial
3 IMSE 685

Manufacturing Information
Manhattan, KS 66506–0102
1-800-432-8270 (toll free) or
3 Humanities or social science elective
3 IMSE 555

Industrial Facility Layout
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
and Design
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
E-mail: [email protected]
3 IMSE elective
Hrs. Spring semester
3 Professional elective
2 IMSE 250

Introduction to
Manufacturing Processes
1 IMSE 251

Introduction to
IMSE curriculum notes
Manufacturing Processes Lab
Computer programming elective: The computer
4 MATH 221

Analytic Geometry and
programming elective consists of three hours
Notice of nondiscrimination
Calculus II
taken from CIS 200, CIS 209 or ME 400.
Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination
3 ECON 120
Principles of Microeconomics
on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex,
2 ME 212
Engineering Graphics
Engineering electives: The nine hours of basic
sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ancestry,
disability, military status, veteran status, or other nonmerit
3 ACCTG 231 Accounting for Business
engineering credit may not include more than
reasons, in admissions, educational programs or activi-
six hours from a single department, and the
ties, and employment, including employment of disabled
2 COMM 105 Public Speaking 1A
nine hours must be selected from the following
veterans and veterans of the Vietnam Era, as required
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
courses. Note, students planning to take the
by applicable laws and regulations. Responsibility for
Fundamentals of Engineering exam would be
coordination of compliance efforts and receipt of inquiries
advised to take their nine hours from classes
concerning Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX
with an *. BAE 345; CE 333, 530* and 533; (333
of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of
or 530 may be used, not both); CHE 350, 352*,
1975, and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has
Hrs. Fall semester
520 and 521; ECE 410, 511, 519*, and 571;
been delegated to the director of Affirmative Action, Kansas
4 MATH 222

Analytic Geometry and
ME 512*, 513, 571 and 573.
State University, 214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-
Calculus III
0124, (phone) 785-532-6220; (TTY) 785-532-4807.
3 STAT 510

Introduction to Probability
Professional electives: The nine hours of profes-
and Statistics I
sional electives are designed so that the student
5 PHYS 213
Engineering Physics I
may specialize in an area of interest. Any of the
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
following classes may count toward the profes-
3 Humanities UGE elective (300 level or
sional elective requirement: any IMSE class;
any engineering class above 300; any CIS class
above 200; MATH 240 and any mathematics
class above 500 except MATH 570 and 591;
Hrs. Spring semester
any statistics class above 500 except STAT 702,
3 MATH 551
Applied Matrix Theory
703, 706 and 710; BIO 198 and 201; CHEM 230;
3 STAT 511

Introduction to Probability
FINAN 450, 510, 520 and 643; ACCTG 331, 342
and Statistics II
and 433; ECON 510, 520, 530 and 540.
5 PHYS 214
Engineering Physics II
IMSE electives: The IMSE electives must be
3 IMSE 530

Engineering Economic
selected from the IMSE department. Each class
must also be at least three credit hours.
0 IMSE 015
Engineering Assembly
3 Social science UGE elective (300 level or
Substitutions: IMSE 501 can substitute for
MGMT 420; IMSE 591 and IMSE 592 can sub-
stitute for IMSE 580. Concurrent or prerequisite
requirements for IMSE 591 are 24 credit hours
of IMSE 500-level and above courses.