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Tyler Bougie
Main phone: (505) 804-0864
Email: [email protected]
Extensive knowledge of Microsoft operating systems
Ability to install and diagnose hardware
Ability to troubleshoot a variety of software problems with ease
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop
Advanced user in most common programs
Excellent typing skills with speeds averaging around 70 WPM
Customer Service
Ability to resolve issues in a calm, professional manner
Adept with handling currency
Excellent communication skills
Able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the work day
General Labor
Able to work in unconventional conditions
Proficiency with hand tools and power tools
Knowledge of basic - intermediate wiring and electricity
Able to follow instructions precisely
Proficient in quickly learning new skills and adapting
Freelance Computer Technician - (7/1/2011 - present)
Assist clients in troubleshooting various hardware and software problems.
Removing viruses, optimizing systems, hardware recommendations,
occasionally building systems, and other general computer maintenance.
Game Technician - Hinkle Family Fun Center - (4/6/2010 - 6/2/2011)
Main responsibilities were to fix and maintain ~125 arcade games, and to
assist guests with issues in the arcade. I was also occasionally working a
register, operating an attraction, handing out prizes, and being a general
presence. Customer service was a large part of this job.
Official High School Diploma (GED) from CNM.
Highest scores being in both Math and Reading / Writing.