Inspirational History Of Some Of The Most Popular Fashion Accessory Brands Of UK

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Inspirational History Of Some Of The Most Popular Fashion Accessory
Brands Of UK
Many popular trendy fashion accessory brands started with the motto that fashion shou ld not
remain confined w ithin the high society people and celebrities. These brands started
manufacturing affordable and trendy fashion jewelries, for middle class people and made
themselves well known to the common people o f London in rat her a short span of time.
These brands promote their motto to make fashion and glamour reachable to every human
being. Some goo d examples of these brands include, Thomas Sabo, Daniel Wellington and
Dona Karan New York (DKNY). These brands haven’t built their images in one day, they
have worked hard, struggled, and have made the optimum use of time to reach their todays’
status. Their history keeps the ability to inspire t he startups with deep-rooted vision. Let us
take a quick glimpse at their history.
Evolution of Thomas Sabo:
Currently, Thomas Sabo provides a wide range of collection of affordable fashion accessories
for both men and women, including pendants, chakra, beads, bracelets, ring s, watches,
bangles, fragrances and their famous Thomas Sabo Charms UK. The brand was founded by
Thomas Sabo in the year 1984. Since early 90s the co mpany has been known for its
innovative silver designs after merging with a team o f sophisticated designers. In 2009 t his
brand expanded its portfolio by adding watch collections.
Early life of Daniel Wellington:
Daniel Wellington Uk is known for their budget friendly yet high quality wr ist watches.
According to the latest reports this brand made a successful business of $200 million out of
these cheap watches. According to the history of the brand, the founder of the company
Fillip Tysander got inspired from a fellow British gentleman having an u nusual style of
wearing vintage watches w ith old and weathered NATO straps. The Mens Emporio Armani
Watches still rule the wristwatch market, but in the lower budget range Daniel Wellington
watches can surely give them a tough competition.
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