Inspiring Customer Experience with a Brilliant Service Help Desk

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Inspiring Customer Experience with a Brilliant Service Help Desk

The purpose of an IT service help desk is to provide assistance to customers and to help them resolve their
issues easily. Efficiency and accurate responses are priority features that determine the performance of
the service help desk. A majority of times the help desk is unable to furnish the correct resolution and on
time. This antagonizes the customer who is already frustrated with the issue. This leads to multiple
interactions and raises the IT costs and affects the budget of the business adversely. Ideally a fully
functional and adept service help desk should provide prompt self help service when the customers seek
any resolution or create a request, report an incident or review the status of submitted requests.

The service help desk should provide supportive logging and tracking facilities along with resolving,
reporting of incidents and service requests. If the service request management process is capable of
delivering an enriching customer service experience the business hits the bull's eye and success is
guaranteed. Unfortunately most of the times the service help desk lacks to deliver what it promises due to
conflicting applications and a disintegrated infrastructure. This manifests in fragmented processes and
inadequate or poor performance..

In order to provide optimized services businesses need to implement a solution that deploys a centralized
and standardized process across the entire business operations. One of the primary issues that forbid the
execution of a centralized ITIL service desk is asset management. This process is an overwhelming one
which involves several units such as asset discovery, the creation and maintenance of software and
hardware libraries, physical asset tracking, configuration and software license management, procurement
management, request and approval processes, contract management, supplier/vendor management,
retire and disposal management, re-deployment, vulnerability and compliance management, interfacing
with enterprise asset management systems and processes.

Cloud computing has provided an easy path to resolve the IT issues. Businesses that employ the cloud
computing solutions can make large gains and provide their customers with amazing experiences. This
technology deploys unique and resourceful processes to generate powerful and desirable results. The
cloud computing services provide consistent and aggressive support for applications and ITIL asset
management. It provides an integrated infrastructure that promotes and deploys a centralized and
standardized service help desk, thereby saving the business from escalating costs and embittered results.

Cloud computing services are the panacea for IT related issues. You can increase the value of your
business only if you adopt strategies that render convincing and positive outcomes.

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