Installing a sump pump for a better surrounding

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How to avoid Sump Pump problems to keep your basement dry
Sump pump is an important part of basement for safe waterproofing systems. When the pump is
working, ground water which gets collected in sump pit is pumped out before it reaches the floor. You
need to remember that any kind of sump pump is a serious problem. But, in many cases you don't wait
for your sump pump to cause any problem. Most of the sump pump issues can be solved by following
certain guidelines. You can also go for pump systems repair to your nearest pump service for a better
water flow and maintenance. Some of the common problems faced:
Overwhelmed Pump:
One issue is that when water travels into sump fit faster than sump pump to pump the water out. Water
that reaches first floods onto basement as the pump cannot pump it up. Another issues is that a sump
pump can burn out or overheat when works for continuous period. In this case, the flooding issue
becomes worse.
To deal with all such problems, go for a single sump pump connected to sump pump system to
basement systems to have a backup pump. This backup pumps will be automatically functioned if the
initial pump stop working or in case if an extra pump is required.
Intake of Clogged intake for sump pump:
Sediments and dirt can be easily collected on an open sump pit. In this case, the suction created by
pump itself pulls debris towards the pump and causes clog. When all such happens, water level rises and
can be said that the pump is in a position to burn out due to continuous function.
Install such a sump pump that consist a long durable airtight cover of sump pump liner. By doing so it
prevents debris from falling into sump pit. With this system, the sump pumps intakes above the bottom
of sump liner preventing clogging.
Sump pumps when burn-outs:
Low cost sump pumps are generally made with plastic and other components which are not created for
heavy duty use. This makes pump more prone to burnout for heavy usage. In that case, when going for
sump pump for heavy duty, look for the sump pump comes with cast iron housing.
Power outage:
Some storms can cause heavy basement flooding due to power lines coming down. When this situation
arises, a sump pump is useless. In this situation, go for a sump pump that has good battery backup. It
helps to provide reliable flood protection in case of power outage.
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