Interact with your Web Site Visitor with Customer Service Chat Solutions

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Interact with your Web Site Visitor with Customer Service Chat Solutions

Whether you're looking to enhance the pre-sales experience or maintaining a strong post-sales relationship, providing
your customers with an excellent experience when they connect is essential for maintaining their loyalty.

Customer service chat is an Internet service that al ows the customer to interact in real time with a customer service
agent by using an instant messaging (IM) application that's built into the company's Web site. Customer service
agents use multimedia routing technology to interact with customers by telephone, fax, e-mail and chat. Chat is a
cost-effective way to add personalization and social interaction to the online experience.

eService support solutions are becoming very popular and customer service can be greatly improved with live
customer service. Customer service software solutions allows customer support operators to chat with the web site
visitors and potential customers. By providing your customers with a personalized service with instant escalation for
an outstanding support experience, you put the human touch into your self-service customer care options that
ensures your customers get the help they need. Your agents can immediately help customers complete their web self
service transactions with live chat and web page co-browsing. You can add customer support software to your web
site to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of using customer service live chat solution:

Increased Productivity - Live chat customer service software increases the efficiency and professionalism of your
agents. Your customer care agents can engage in multiple chats, making your online eService channel more cost-
effective. This also eliminates email exchanges that can endanger the customer experience.

Business Growth - Improve revenue growth by providing real-time contact opportunities. Convert opportunity into
business by interacting with customers at the presales stage.

Improved interaction - Provide real-time online communication to customer when they need it most as many a
times customers find it difficult to navigate through web model.

Increased Customer Retention - By empowering your customers to choose their preferred method of
communication, you ensure they stay satisfied. You can deliver immediate and accurate answers to customer
questions and issues.
Ensure Confidentiality - Keep sessions private with a security model that has passed numerous audits by financial
institutions and keep sessions confidential. Ensure that you're compliant with both corporate and legal privacy

Multi-tenant Architecture - Designed for enterprise customer service solutions operations, the multi-tenant
architecture supports multiple departments with a separate configuration for each including look and feel, business
rules, user accounts, security, language, pre-formatted responses and queues.

Automatical y route messages to the right queues, enable multiple live chat sessions per agent, pre-format replies,
and support quick transfers and conferences with ful session transcripts using the customer service chat solutions.

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