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Fasting for Weight Loss and Detoxification a" Is it a good idea to go ...

Fasting is a ritual observed in many cultures through ages. It is meant to purify the body and the
mind. Although, fasting has many benefits and our ancestors had their reasons, today it is being
considered for weight loss and detoxification.

Fasting for weight involves avoiding all types of regular solid foods and just taking in fruit juices. It
is popularly known as juice fast. A fruit diet is also commonly used, where the diet would involve
just fruits and nothing else. A large quantity of water needs to be taken during the period of fruit
fasting. Usually, it is carried on for 2 to 3 days. It flushes the system of the toxins accumulated and
relieves the intestines of days and weeks of collected un disposed wastes. It is common for people
to notice a great deal of weight loss during this period. Some may lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days.

An even more efficient method of fasting and detoxification is apple fast as recommended by
Edgar Cayce. It involves a diet of only apple for 3 days. It is necessary to do enema every night of
the diet. The added advantage of fruit diet like apple diet is the fact that, they are very rich in fiber
and hence it can easily help you get rid of toxins and aid weight loss.

However, it has to be noted that fasting in itself cannot be used to lose weight. It should be a part
of a much larger weight loss plan. Fasting for weight loss is not a one stop solution for weight loss.
The advantages of fruit diet is not in the weight it helps you lose, but in the fact that it cleanses
your system of toxins and wastes and this promotes the healthy functioning of the body. This
increases the body's metabolism and hence puts you in a good state to burn the calories faster
leading to more weight loss. However, you should have a proper food and diet plan that you
should follow to lose weight.

As you can see, Fasting is an excellent method to detoxify your body and lose some quick weight
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