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International Financial Securities Regulatory
Commission: Other Alerts
The International Organization of Securities Commissions would like to alert the public
to the following:
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has set
up the new Generic Top Level Domains Program (gTLD Program). This program
administers the registration of domains1 in the category of Financial Services and
Markets Sector.
Investors and consumers should note that the registration and use of one of these
domains by a financial services company, investment firm or individual does not
guarantee that the company or person using it has been authorized to operate by the
relevant financial services regulator.
Investors and consumers are urged to consult the registry of authorized financial
entities and individuals in their jurisdictions in order to confirm whether a company or
individual using one of these domains is authorized to offer financial services. Unlike
investors and consumers who employ authorized entities, those who deal with
unauthorized firms and individuals receive no legal protection.
The International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission was
established to promote investor confidence in the securities and capital markets by
providing more structure and government oversight.