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Internet game savvy people have a whole lot of
fun games to amuse themselves. Among the
countless games available on the net, car
parking games seem to be the preferred choice
of many. What makes car-parking games so
exciting? For one, car parking is a challenging
real life situation that we encounter every day.
With the number of cars increasing by the day,
the parking scenario is getting tougher. What
better way to enhance your parking skills than
to test your reflexes in a virtual car parking
set-up. It is exiting, demanding, and truly
exhilarating. And fun and excitement is what we
look for in all online games. If you surf the web,
you will find many sites entreating you to test
your skills by playing car games. Car parking
games also come under the category of online
skill based games. Most skill based games
involve quick fingers and quick thinking. Arcade
games fall under this category. Some games,
like puzzle games test your logic ability just like
word games. The rage these days are

car-parking games. The younger set probably
finds this trendy and the 'in' thing.

While all skill games are mind sports where the outcome is decided not by
pure chance but by mental and physical skill, car parking games seems to
offer something parkinggames more You can choose your level of difficulty
and your choice of vehicle There are plenty of vehicle types to amuse your
whims, for instance cars, trucks, vans, semi-trucks etc

Playing parking games is fun It is a tension-reliever

Besides, you have the flexibility to maneuver your car whichever way you
want without the fear that you will be penalized, as in real life This factor is a
big draw for many in this online game

Computer Requirement To play most of these games you will require a couple
of software programs installed on your computer like Java, Flash, and
Shockwave Some sites recommend you to update these programs so that you
can have the most recent versions

To help you out, the portal may even display the logos of programs that you
can click on to update the one on your computer All these games are free of
charge but that does not compromise on the quality factor

The controls are usually just the directional arrows on your keyboard and the
key bar These new generations games are awesome

The level of sounds is astonishing, enough to bowl you over It is hilarious
when you virtually bump another car on your screen

Most of these games allow the player around 3 minutes to park the car in a
slot without hitting some nearby object If the car is hit thrice, the game gets